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Fixed issues in Premiere Pro

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro User Guide
  2. Beta releases
    1. Beta Program Overview
    2. Premiere Pro Beta Home
  3. Getting started
    1. Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro
    2. What's new in Premiere Pro
    3. Release Notes | Premiere Pro
    4. Keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro
    5. Accessibility in Premiere Pro
    6. Long Form and Episodic Workflow Guide
  4. Hardware and operating system requirements
    1. Hardware recommendations
    2. System requirements
    3. GPU and GPU Driver requirements
    4. GPU Accelerated Rendering & Hardware Encoding/Decoding
  5. Creating projects
    1. Start a new project
    2. Open projects
    3. Move and delete projects
    4. Work with multiple open projects
    5. Work with Project Shortcuts
    6. Backward compatibility of Premiere Pro projects
    7. Open and edit Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro
    8. Best Practices: Create your own project templates
  6. Workspaces and workflows
    1. Workspaces
    2. FAQ | Import and export in Premiere Pro
    3. Working with Panels
    4. Windows touch and gesture controls
    5. Use Premiere Pro in a dual-monitor setup
  7. Capturing and importing
    1. Capturing
      1. Capturing and digitizing footage
      2. Capturing HD, DV, or HDV video
      3. Batch capturing and recapturing
      4. Setting up your system for HD, DV, or HDV capture
    2. Importing
      1. Transfer files
      2. Importing still images
      3. Importing digital audio
    3. Importing from Avid or Final Cut
      1. Importing AAF project files from Avid Media Composer
      2. Importing XML project files from Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X
    4. Supported file formats
    5. Digitizing analog video
    6. Working with timecode
  8. Editing
    1. Edit video    
    2. Sequences
      1. Create and change sequences
      2. Change sequence settings
      3. Add clips to sequences
      4. Rearrange clips in a sequence
      5. Find, select, and group clips in a sequence
      6. Edit from sequences loaded into the Source Monitor
      7. Simplify sequences
      8. Rendering and previewing sequences
      9. Working with markers
      10. Source patching and track targeting
      11. Scene edit detection
    3. Video
      1. Create and play clips
      2. Trimming clips
      3. Synchronizing audio and video with Merge Clips
      4. Render and replace media
      5. Undo, history, and events
      6. Freeze and hold frames
      7. Working with aspect ratios
    4. Audio
      1. Overview of audio in Premiere Pro
      2. Audio Track Mixer
      3. Adjusting volume levels
      4. Edit, repair, and improve audio using Essential Sound panel
      5. Automatically duck audio
      6. Remix audio
      7. Monitor clip volume and pan using Audio Clip Mixer
      8. Audio balancing and panning
      9. Advanced Audio - Submixes, downmixing, and routing
      10. Audio effects and transitions
      11. Working with audio transitions
      12. Apply effects to audio
      13. Measure audio using the Loudness Radar effect
      14. Recording audio mixes
      15. Editing audio in the timeline
      16. Audio channel mapping in Premiere Pro
      17. Use Adobe Stock audio in Premiere Pro
    5. Advanced editing
      1. Multi-camera editing workflow
      2. Set up and use Head Mounted Display for immersive video in Premiere Pro
      3. Editing VR
    6. Best Practices
      1. Best Practices: Mix audio faster
      2. Best Practices: Editing efficiently
      3. Editing workflows for feature films
  9. Video Effects and Transitions
    1. Overview of video effects and transitions
    2. Effects
      1. Types of effects in Premiere Pro
      2. Apply and remove effects
      3. Effect presets
      4. Automatically reframe video for different social media channels
      5. Color correction effects
      6. Change duration and speed of clips
      7. Adjustment Layers
      8. Stabilize footage
    3. Transitions
      1. Applying transitions in Premiere Pro
      2. Modifying and customizing transitions
      3. Morph Cut
  10. Titles, Graphics, and Captions    
    1. Overview of the Essential Graphics panel
    2. Titles
      1. Create a title
    3. Graphics
      1. Create a shape
      2. Align and distribute objects
      3. Change the appearance of text and shapes
      4. Apply gradients
      5. Add Responsive Design features to your graphics
      6. Install and use Motion Graphics templates
      7. Replace images or videos in Motion Graphics templates
      8. Use data-driven Motion Graphics templates
    4. Captions
      1. Speech to Text
      2. Working with captions
      3. Check spelling and Find and Replace
      4. Export text
      5. Speech to Text in Premiere Pro | FAQ
    5. Best Practices: Faster graphics workflows
    6. Retiring the Legacy Titler in Premiere Pro | FAQ
    7. Upgrade Legacy titles to Source Graphics
  11. Animation and Keyframing
    1. Adding, navigating, and setting keyframes
    2. Animating effects
    3. Use Motion effect to edit and animate clips
    4. Optimize keyframe automation
    5. Moving and copying keyframes
    6. Viewing and adjusting effects and keyframes
  12. Compositing
    1. Compositing, alpha channels, and adjusting clip opacity
    2. Masking and tracking
    3. Blending modes
  13. Color Correction and Grading
    1. Overview: Color workflows in Premiere Pro
    2. Auto Color
    3. Get creative with color using Lumetri looks
    4. Adjust color using RGB and Hue Saturation Curves
    5. Correct and match colors between shots
    6. Using HSL Secondary controls in the Lumetri Color panel
    7. Create vignettes
    8. Looks and LUTs
    9. Lumetri scopes
    10. Display Color Management
    11. HDR for broadcasters
    12. Enable DirectX HDR support
  14. Exporting media
    1. Export video
    2. Export Preset Manager
    3. Workflow and overview for exporting
    4. Quick export
    5. Exporting for the Web and mobile devices
    6. Export a still image
    7. Exporting projects for other applications
    8. Exporting OMF files for Pro Tools
    9. Export to Panasonic P2 format
    10. Export settings
      1. Export settings reference
      2. Basic Video Settings
      3. Encoding Settings
    11. Best Practices: Export faster
  15. Collaboration:, Productions, and Team Projects
    1. Collaboration in Premiere Pro
      1. Install and activate
      2. Use with Premiere Pro and After Effects
      3. Frequently asked questions
    3. Productions
      1. Using Productions
      2. How clips work across projects in a Production
      3. Best Practices: Working with Productions
    4. Team Projects
      1. Get started with Team Projects
      2. Create a Team Project
      3. Add and manage media in Team Projects
      4. Collaborate with Team Projects
      5. Share and manage changes with Team Project collaborators
      6. Archive, restore, or delete Team Projects
  16. Working with other Adobe applications
    1. After Effects and Photoshop
    2. Dynamic Link
    3. Audition
    4. Prelude
  17. Organizing and Managing Assets
    1. Working in the Project panel
    2. Organize assets in the Project panel
    3. Playing assets
    4. Search assets
    5. Creative Cloud Libraries
    6. Sync Settings in Premiere Pro
    7. Consolidate, transcode, and archive projects
    8. Managing metadata
    9. Best Practices
      1. Best Practices: Learning from broadcast production
      2. Best Practices: Working with native formats
  18. Improving Performance and Troubleshooting
    1. Set preferences
    2. Reset preferences
    3. Working with Proxies
      1. Proxy overview
      2. Ingest and Proxy Workflow
    4. Check if your system is compatible with Premiere Pro
    5. Premiere Pro for Apple silicon
    6. Eliminate flicker
    7. Interlacing and field order
    8. Smart rendering
    9. Control surface support
    10. Best Practices: Working with native formats
    11. Knowledge Base
      1. Known issues
      2. Fixed issues
      3. Fix Premiere Pro crash issues
      4. Green and pink video in Premiere Pro or Premiere Rush
      5. How do I manage the Media Cache in Premiere Pro?
      6. Fix errors when rendering or exporting
      7. Troubleshoot issues related to playback and performance in Premiere Pro
  19. Monitoring Assets and Offline Media
    1. Monitoring assets
      1. Using the Source Monitor and Program Monitor
      2. Using the Reference Monitor
    2. Offline media
      1. Working with offline clips
      2. Creating clips for offline editing
      3. Relinking offline medInstia

We heard you! We have been hard at work fixing issues in the latest release of Premiere Pro.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 23.0

  • Addressed a potential crash when closing multiple projects simultaneously within the Production panel. 
  • Thumbnail rendering in Import mode is now faster and more responsive.
  • Lumetri scopes switch smoothly between 8-bit Rec709 and 10-bit floating point HDR media.
  • Improved stability when setting New Bars and Tone parameters to the max and dragging the resulting clip onto the Timeline.
  • Fixed crash issue with Text panel when locking a project with spellcheck open.
  • The Text does not dynamically update when using arrow keys with live font previews in Motion Graphics templates.
  • Graphics are locked in the Text panel when opening or closing other panels.
  • Color Picker shows incorrect values when using the Eyedropper tool in the Program Monitor
  • Optimized Color Picker responsiveness when working with a Motion Graphics template with multiple layers and gradients.
  • Fixed memory issue on macOS systems with multitrack projects, including H.264 and HEVC
  • Improved performance when entering or exiting Directed Manipulation mode in the Program Monitor.
  • Smoother UI performance when resizing Workspaces or panels on Windows.
  • Fixed issue with GPU monitoring on macOS that impacted stability for some users.  
  • Fixed issue with black frames in Program Monitor when frame hold is applied in nested sequences. 

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro 22.6.2

  • Issue with opening projects on macOS
  • Issue with Workspace functionality

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.6

  • Unexpected overlapping of Tool Tips in Import Mode.
  • Improved Tab Navigation in Import Mode.
  • Media Browser cannot open a sequence containing unlinked audio in Source Monitor.
  • Productions allowed access to Interpret footage from the sequence project without opening the project where the master clip is stored.
  • Export: Set Start Timecode check box does not enable on initial mouse click.
  • Copy/Paste ignores clip on locked/targeted tracks. 
  • The shared project in Productions does not update when selecting read/write mode.
  • Missing caption segments when SRT with lines with the only period is imported. 
  • Changing a source clip label in production can crash the application. 
  • Mac Only: AVCHD spanned clips with AC-3 audio have audio missing.
  • Speech to Text incorrectly adding spaces to double-byte languages after transcription.
  • Flicking / flashing playback of AVC media, including Canon XF-AVC and Sony XAVC formats.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.5

  • Ingest Project Settings can become disabled after adding clips from Import Mode.
  • Shift-selecting items in Import mode give different results if the second click is a file or folder.
  • The Import or Create button is unavailable after creating ranged selections with folders between the first and last selected item.
  • A slow double-click can simultaneously select and open a directory in Import Mode.
  • Copy operations can fail when attempting to export to external drives or volumes.
  • [Export Mode]: Clicking an existing filename in the Location dialog should update the name so users can easily replace the current export filename.

Fixed issue in Premiere Pro version 22.3.1

Premiere Pro 22.3.1 includes a fix for an issue related to audio that impacted playback or rendering. This issue affects some users of Premiere Pro 22.3 and Adobe Media Encoder 22.3.  

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.3

  • Improved support of RED files on M1 Macs
  • Improved seek and scrub performance of Google PXL.
  • Fix playback issue with Fuji XT4 HEVC 10-bit 4:2:0.
  • Improved stability when importing H.264 .AVI
  • Some DNxHD files import as audio-only.
  • Audio intermittently drops out when recording multi-cam cuts.
  • Improved support of some caption files that were failing to load.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.2

  • Unable to edit timecode using numeric keypad in Program Monitor.
  • Restore Captions does not set all Caption tracks to same label color.
  • Some MXF files take longer to import than in previous versions.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.1.2

Premiere Pro 22.1.2 fixes a critical bug that impacts third party After Effects plug-ins that work in Premiere Pro, such as those from Boris FX, Red Giant, Digital Anarchy, and other vendors. The bug impacts plug-in functions which request a frame from Premiere Pro, such as a thumbnail image. 

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.1.1

  • Unable to identify blank space/pauses in .srt caption file.
  • Improved stability when importing MXF footage tagged with Ancillary Data 0P47
  • DeReverb's gain parameter is not correctly restored after opening a project.
  • Copy and Paste track effects will not apply correct parameters.
  • Premiere Pro 15.4 hangs when reopening a project with specific WAVES version 12.7/13.0 plugins.
  • M1 systems only: Glitches/artifacts visible during playback of H.264 4:2:2 10-bit files from Sony a7sIII 
  • Play back stuttering for files exported in H.264 format in QuickTime 
  • The 4 channel AAC audio output option is missing for Parametric Stereo.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 22.0

  • When selecting “Export each channel as separate file”, audio clip import fails.
  • Animated .gif output Quality slider (in video settings) does nothing.
  • Files from Polaroid Cube camera slowly drift out of sync.
  • Media captured using Xbox Game Bar displays with green preview artifacts.
  • Improved Smart Rendering Export performance.
  • Improved playback of certain MP4 files with multiple audio streams.
  • Ripple Trim shortcut will slip one frame.
  • Improved stability when switching workspaces.
  • Moving markers in the timeline with M1 Mac results in flickering in the Program Monitor.
  • Application hangs with control surface device and using <CMD>+<Opt>+Drag operation in the timeline.
  • Copy and paste of track volume will add a second instance in the volume effect.
  • The macOS (Big Sur) Moving slider tool results in preview glitches with a black frame in Source Monitor.
  • Resetting the button in the Loudness Meter effect can cause Premiere Pro to crash while using JKL.
  • Registration failure of multiple GPU filters.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro versions 15.x

The August release of Premiere Pro (version 15.4.1) includes a fix for an issue where using edit tools on clips can produce flickering in the Program Monitor.

  • Clip outline (shadow trail) should be visible whenever the clip is moved in the timeline.
  • Improved stability when applying some audio filter effects then playing back.
  • Length of source clip is affected by changes in a subclip.
  • Conflicting marker data is added every time a sequence is moved to a different project.
  • Exported Caption text blocks locations and duration are different from original the Caption file.
  • Some captions files failing to import from XML files working in previous versions.
  • Improved performance when closing large projects.
  • SRT doesn't display any subtitles beyond zero duration line entry.
  • Crash may occur when canceling import immediately.
  • Reverse match frame does not work across projects in a production.
  • Replacement media incorrectly gets copied over into project that has a sequence in a production.
  • Reduced instances of redraw issues when switching views in the Program Monitor
  • Moving the CTI edits a sequence if it contains audio clip keyframes.
  • Audio file will not play in some projects if playback began outside of clip boundaries.
  • Color shift when importing MXF files from Canon EOS C300 Mk II
  • Reduced frame substitution errors with J2K MXF
  • Incorrect error dialog appears after successful upload to Behance: “Unable to create cover image for Behance project”.
  • SRT captions imported with "{\an8} to denote top position display a "}"character in the caption text.
  • Incorrect adjustment when using arrow keys in transition duration window.
  • Audio gain setting not applied to selection if Enter key is pressed.
  • Restoring an undocked project panel in freeform view results in missing clips.
  • Time remapped clips display wrong media timecode when metadata effect is applied to adjustment layer.
  • Crash can occur if quitting application while Essential Sound Panel effect is processing on Mac.
  • Mute setting on audio tracks applied during playback is deleted when pausing.
  • Frame Freezes or shows green when scrubbing or playing certain screen recorded media.
  • Incorrect frames are displayed when scrubbing clips that were interpreted with a different frame rate.
  • Arrow Keys are not working properly using direct manipulation.
  • Speed Changes no longer result in inaccurate XMLs
  • Corrected timecode information for audio clips when exporting an XML
  • Improved stability when applying Metadata effect on top of another effect
  • Windows explorer window appears when quitting the application.
  • Premiere Pro no longer stops responding when deleting the media cache.
  • Premiere Pro does not hang while scanning Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack.
  • Removed any buzzing noise that occurs with some track effects.
  • Fixed an issue where waveforms were not generated after selecting Generate Audio Waveform.
  • Team Projects: media locator updates now working for all collaborators.

Fixed issues in Premiere Pro version 14.x

  • Fixed issue with Durations when setting minimum values in the Essential Sound panel
  • Fixed issue with rolling edits when rulers are displayed in the Program Monitor.
  • Improved stability when sending sequence with Essential Sound Panel effects to AU
  • Fixed issue with contextual menus and Track resizing when renaming tracks
  • Fixed issue where Extensions were displayed as greyed out.
  • Fixed issue where Ghosts projects were created when saving in some virtualized environments.
  • Home screen panels don’t resize correctly with high-resolution displays.
  • Improved stability when quitting immediately from Home Screen.
  • Marquee selection fails to select video track.
  • Images are squeezed horizontally when scaled below 50% in non-square pixel aspect ratio sequence.
  • Media Browser icons appear incorrect on macOS Big Sur.
  • Block noises when importing some Canon MP4 files.
  • Application may hang when changing playback setting to software only with ProRes RAW on macOS.
  • DVCPro HD file fails to import.
  • Undocked panels cause keyboard shortcuts to stop working.
  • Improved stability during auto-save when application is not in focus.
  • Audio dropout for some H.264 files with multiple mono streams 
  • Reduced delay of playback initialization of some mp4 and mov files. 
  • Improved pek generation performance of H.264 compressed mov clips
  • Linear Audio Keyframes cannot be created, only Bezier ones.
  • Inaccurate BPM values appear in the Essential Sound Panel for Stock Audio.
  • H.264 export of High Quality 2160 4K preset does not work properly with 60 fps sources.
  • In and Out duration in Source Monitor reflects changes when modifying timecode.
  • Improved stability when disconnecting Internet while playing audio in Essential Sound Panel.
  • Keyframes are written to submix tracks during play or pause.
  • Improved compatibility with specific files from other applications.
  • Some DNxHR 8K files fail to import properly.
  • Auto Reframe fails to analyze updated sequences.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality may not work if the panels are undocked, or if the workspace is split across multiple monitors.
  • Some Southeast Asian text characters do not appear correctly.
  • Improved accuracy of some timecode conversions.
  • Clips beyond 99-fps result in inaccurate EDL.
  • Playback does not stop when waveforms expanded with smooth scrolling and multicam view enabled.
  • Improved location of licensing information for Stock Audio
  • Improved consistency of contextual menu behavior using search bins
  • Deleting an empty Audio track prevents voice-over from being recorded.
  • Hardware encoding not available on Mac when encode height is greater than 2196 pixels.
  • DNxHR MXF files exported as non-standard frame size that contains display aspect ratio of 16:9 may play incorrectly in external players. 
  • Some files that play correctly in QuickTime Player import as audio only.
  • Improved ProRes Multicam Playback Performance
  • Twitter 1080p preset now produces higher-quality outputs with match source for frame rate and higher bit rate.
  • Cannot log in to Vimeo.
  • Motion scaling keyframes shift outside the clip boundaries when nested sequence is flattened.
  • Time remapping keyframes are not preserved when flattening multi-cam.
  • Marquee selection in freeform view does not respect selection order when adding to sequence.
  • Sending sequence to Adobe Audition from a production creates a duplicate project.
  • Improved stability when hovering or clicking the sequence menu. 
  • Optimization of right to left keyboard entry workflows. 
  • NDI driver selected as default on clean preferences leads to no audio output.
  • Addressed closing all other projects when there are Team Projects with unshared changes.
  • Frame may shift when flattening a nested multi-cam.
  • Cannot create voice-over if a different track is solo'ed.
  • Improved stability when combining Left to Right and Right to Left Keyboard text entry 
  • Improved stability when importing a Adobe Premiere Adobe Premiere Rush project
  • Improved stability when switching editing workspaces when logged into Sync Settings
  • Improved stability when exporting using NVIDIA GPU without NVENC
  • Improved stability when selecting output name in export settings
  • Audio keyframes are removed when clicking the keyframe button.
  • Improved performance when analyzing clip using Morph Cut
  • SurCode for Dolby E Decoder not working 
  • Animation for PSD files can be lost when imported on Windows.
  • AVCHD progressive clips are incorrectly imported as interlaced.
  • Decode error can occur when playing back QT XDCAM HD 422.
  • Pressing Opt-click fails to expand all folder contents.
  • Duplicate name of a folder can disappear.
  • Open Caption center alignment is not being respected.
  • Exported Final Cut Pro XML does not correctly reflect changes made to audio channel mapping.
  • Low-level exception error when adding a legacy title to a sequence above a video
  • Low-level exception in legacy Titler with GPU enabled for macOS
  • Audio Hardware preferences are not saved on Windows.
  • Pitch Shifter resets parameters when "cents" parameter is set to negative value.
  • QuickTime files with audio tracks disabled in the header do not expose those audio tracks.
  • When entering a Japanese title with Essential Graphics, there is a space at the bottom of the bounding box.
  • FabFilter Audio Units audio effects do not export.
  • When selecting multiple audio clips to edit in Adobe Audition, only one clip opens in Audition.
  • Audio Unit with side-chain input has no input/output after closing and reopening the project.
  • Blank name project in blank name folder is duplicated in trash folder after being deleted.
  • VR preview issue for 2048X2048 found in HMD (Oculus Rift) under H.264 format.
  • Program monitor turns red on changing the color space of MPEG file from interpret footage window.
  • Source and Program monitors can appear pixelated in Metal.
  • "Add Property to Essential Graphics" right-click Context Menu command was not working.
  • Premiere Pro does not respond when removing all video attributes of a graphic with a Clip Layer.
  • Keyframes added to motion graphics that are applied to a different frame rate sequence are at the wrong position.
  • Label color changes when adding video to graphics.
  • Create caption or open project with existing captions sometimes fails to show captions.
  • Smart rendering MXF (XDCAM HD422) may result in corrupt frames.
  • Tearing may occur in some exported files.
  • Unable to import some H.264 clips created with older versions of macOS Mojave screen recording.
  • Importing H.264 clips created with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) screen recording takes a long time.
  • Play button does not revert to "stopped" state after reaching the end of a preview.
  • Editable text blocks do not appear in Caption panel for 708 Captions and may cause non-responsiveness.
  • Slip/Slide edit tool cursor icon incorrectly appears as disabled.
  • Timeline clip may not update from Label color changes.
  • Keyboard shortcut for "select next panel" is not working as expected.
  • Playback preferences are not retained for audio devices.
  • Paste clipboard shape support for Boris FX.
  • Undo of Label change does not automatically update. You must force update.
  • Clicking a Motion Graphics template while the cursor stays in the search box may cause application to crash.
  • Hover scrub in Stock view does not work until you mouse off and back on.
  • Export of ProRes 4444 may result in corrupt file.
  • Improved support of DJI Phantom 3 files.


  • Tracks tab focus issue in New Sequence dialog box longer results in invalid state.
  • Timecode of captions now functions correctly when the caption file is modified from the Timeline panel.
  • (Windows) Fixed an issue with dragging an effect up and down on the Master Clip.
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing cursor when closing panel or switching workspaces.
  • Occasional issue with exporting sequences originally created in Premiere Pro 2019 has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the ctrl + @ shortcut toggling full screen.


  • Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition now opens files and sequences on macOS Catalina.
  • Performance improvements to Vocal Enhancer effect.
  • Fixes for automation and effect envelope behaviors.
  • Fixed multicam clip multichannel mappings.
  • Opening an empty project on a different platform does not bring up the scratch disk dialog box.
  • Trim mode is unexpectedly enabled when selecting Edit to Playhead and beginning/end of clip is selected.
  • Crash may occur in FreeForm view if you repeatedly click a clip.
  • Markers can get redundant information when the same clip is imported repeatedly.
  • Changes to RED source settings have no effect on timeline instances when clips were previously imported using Media Browser.
  • Output to 2nd monitor does not work when disable video output when in background is not checked (macOS only).
  • Adding Color Marker shortcut does not work in the Source Monitor for Multicams or Sequences.
  • Waveforms inside multicam clips randomly disappear and cutting to different cameras can cause incorrect waveforms to be drawn.

General, editing, and usability

  • Pasting an item in the timeline won't clear edit selection.
  • Project panel clip thumbnails turn black with Speed changes.
  • Timecode effect generates incorrect timecode.
  • Unable to access to mounted network drives intermittently.
  • Free positioned text does not handle the text alignment correctly.
  • "Recovered Bins" shows up after copying from one project into another.
  • Changing Speed Reverse in batch modifies speed percentile.
  • Transparency/alpha issues when importing Photoshop files as Sequence or Individual Layers.
  • Label colors don't go across projects when copy/pasting sequences.
  • Upper-field-first media created by Black Magic Design are misidentified, as lower-field first.
  • Customized column width in keyboard dialog not saved in preferences.
  • Playhead does not follow the Trim if not in Trim mode.
  • Latency compensation not working when bypassing effect via the "fx" icon in the Effect Controls panel.
  • While recording voice over, Transmit Overlay does not show preRoll Countdown before zero (Black frames not updating).
  • An After Effects composition must be selected twice before import operation works.

Graphics and Motion Graphics templates (MOGRTs)

  • Adjusting scale parameter on mogrt causes Premiere to hang.
  • Premiere Pro hangs when user cancels Loading an After Effects MOGRT to a Sequence Dialog.
  • Adding strokes before typing in a new Graphics Layer causes Premiere Pro to crash.
  • Crash when moving effect down and out of a group in the Essential Graphics panel (GPU Only).
  • Direct Manipulation gets unresponsive after moving a shape in Program Monitor for a while (Win only).
  • Resizing the Essential Graphics panel in Edit tab of scrollable MOGRT makes the panel turn blank, scrolled to bottom and cuts off the upper half of the MOGRT.
  • Crash when clicking the program monitor with an essential graphics track that is grouped to an audio track.
  • Blur effect causes layers to get displaced when it is moved in or out of a group in the Essential Graphics panel.
  • Crash when copying multiple mogrts from Local to Library in the Essential Graphics panel.
  • Premiere crashes when using specific font on legacy title (Win only).
  • Crash when opening a project with Master Graphic and then dropping a video effect into the Effect Controls panel.
  • Crash when dragging Master Graphic effect from the Effect Controls panel to Essential Graphics panel.
  • Opening the Essential Graphics panel from Windows menu is slow (Win Only).
  • Premiere Pro crashes when trying to edit text from grouped graphic items.
  • Cannot clear an Effect Controls panel mask applied to a graphic layer.
  • Text on Point Background becomes large and offset when baseline shift is decreased.
  • Flicker in unrendered MOGRTs.
  • Shadow draws incorrectly on Pr Graphic.
  • Some After Effects graphics are blurry when playing back the timeline.
  • Essential Graphics panel groups can be copied into track items (including regular media) using Paste Attributes.
  • After Effects MOGRTs placed in smaller sequence and scaled are rendered with the wrong position.
  • MOGRT position is offset and shifted when fall back to CPU.
  • MOGRT is offset in Export dialog when Mogrt size does not match sequence size.
  • Moving a layer to a new group with a different anchor point does not preserve its position in the Program Monitor.
  • Open paths have shadows that are closed.
  • The (red or blue) bounding box for text grows too large when many multi strokes are added.
  • Text shadow blur also blurs the text background, but does not add a shadow.
  • After Effects MOGRTs show yellow render bar in timeline when it should be red.
  • Render bar turns yellow/red when moving Pr graphic with clip layer.
  • Drop shadow changes opacity at a different rate for size param (stroke) compared to distance and blur.

Playback and performance:

  • Virtual machine faults cause poor performance during playback of 8k ProRes.
  • Performance issue with the Image Matte Key effect. The Program Monitor turns black while scaling.
  • Jerky playback of HEVC sources.

GPU render and export

  • Image is corrupted in multi-cam view when using RED 6K footage.
  • Multi-cam preview monitor content rendered twice.
  • ALEs exported from Premiere cannot be imported into Avid Media Composer.
  • Exporting multi-cam sequences takes longer than expected to render audio for export, but the time estimate is over exaggerated with multiple instances.
  • Artifacts and noise around edges shown in Multi-cam view.
  • AIF file cannot relink when sending AAF to Media Composer.


  • P2 (.mov) proxy files not importing into Premiere Pro.
  • Color of Imported 4K Fuji Film X-H1 material is different between versions.
  • Import of some VFR H.264 clips results in low-level exception in ImporterMPEG.
  • Sony AXS file displays wrong time code.
  • Expanded QuickTime Animation support.
  • Incorrect duration after spanned P2 clip is import into Project - Cannot edit content.
  • Incorrect highlights notice on output while using HEVC 10 source.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 is not getting decoded correctly.
  • Spanned P2 clips are detected as incorrect file length if drive letter changes.


  • Working on Closed captions (608) remains stagnant on opaque while selecting transparent or semi-transparent background.
  • Second line of OP-47 captions drops off at export.
  • Windows captions do not burn in when exported through AME.
  • Transparent background cannot be set for Teletext and Open Subtitling.
  • Export of Caption Background Colors does not work fro STL export.
  • Long Teletext captions are imported wrong.
  • Line Spacing from Captions Import Settings is not used at .stl import.
  • Caption Monitoring via Transmit is not WYSIWYG to Program Monitor.
  • Color formatting lost at export to embedded OP-47 after edited.
  • Missing control line height control in caption preferences.
  • Centering on text change.


  • Lumetri scopes show drift in color when encoded with preset Match source -High bit rate and Main10 profile.
  • Lumetri Color will load wrong LUT if new custom LUTs have been added to the creative LUT list.


  • Multichannel: Audio effects are being created without channels.
  • Parametric EQ Interface is misaligned.
  • When multiple effects are added to the audio, the order cannot be changed.
  • 2018 MacBook Pro: Loud noise when adjusting the speaker volume while playing with low buffer selected.
  • Multi-cam clips mapped to 5.1 do not honor the 5.1 mix down preference.
  • Multichannel: 13.1.1 effects are being instantiated as 32 channel (or ganged still). Should be stereo.
  • Multichannel: Certain Effects are instantiated as mono on 5.1 clips.
  • Loudness Radar plug-in generates a buzz sound during recording.
  • Audio Channel Modification Dialog not accessible/visible anymore.
  • ESP is always instantiating ganged effects.
  • Scientific Filter can cause loud, distorted noise.
  • The voice-over clip is recorded on wrong track if you cancel recording on another track before the countdown ends.


  • Improved UI for some languages.
  • Translation improvements for multiple languages.
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