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Benefits of contributing

This page describes how you can benefit from contributing your photography, video, vector art, and illustrations to Adobe Stock.

Some of the many benefits

Create content you can be proud of: Whether you make vector art of animals, shoot photographs of tasty meals, or film underwater, we help you earn money doing what you love. 

Earn money on your own time: There are no deadlines, no client meetings, and no boss telling you what to do. You work on your own terms, uploading content when you choose. Once it is approved for our collection, you could be earning royalties for years to come for content you submit today. Contributing to Adobe Stock allows you to literally earn money in your sleep. 

Adobe offers you unparalleled exposure: Adobe Stock licenses photography, video, illustrations, templates, and vector imagery to millions of stock content buyers directly through Adobe Creative Cloud apps and the web. By contributing to Adobe Stock, you can reach these global buyers and get rewarded for your work.

Upload directly through the apps you love: Adobe Stock is uniquely positioned in the stock marketplace as part of Adobe. Only Adobe Stock allows you the ease of uploading your media directly from our indispensable creative applications: including Lightroom Classic, Bridge, Premiere Pro, and the mobile application Photoshop Mix. 

Customers have the best access to your content: We have made it easy for customers to license your content through and Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as directly within Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro. While working in these applications, customers all over the world can search for relevant content and preview it in the context of their designs or videos. If it suits their purpose, they can license it right within the application. Aesthetic filters, powered by Adobe Sensei, give buyers quick access to the most relevant search results. This ease of use translates to dollars for you. Customers license content royalty free, either on demand or through a subscription plan. 

Enjoy great royalties: Adobe Stock promotes your work across the world of creative media makers and offers a competitive royalty structure. For specific details on royalties, see the Payment process and taxes section. 

It is still your content: You are not signing your rights away when you work with Adobe Stock. Instead, you enter a partnership that allows us to promote and license your content. This agreement is non-exclusive. 

Be part of the Adobe Community: Contributing to Adobe Stock allows you to be part of an amazing community of creative content providers. Adobe Stock is constantly evolving in response to your efforts and input. We are building more ways for you to be involved. Join the Discord community for Adobe Stock Artists, check out the Adobe Stock forum, watch previous webinars and tune in to upcoming sessions featuring topics relevant to Adobe Stock artists HERE

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