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Account and submission guidelines

In order to submit content to Adobe Stock, you must follow these Account and Content Submissions Guidelines, which are a part of the Adobe Stock Contributor Agreement (“Contributor Agreement”). 

Account requirements

Be at least 18. 

You must be 18 years old or older to submit content to Adobe Stock. 

Agree to the Contributor Agreement and these Guidelines.

To sell content on Adobe Stock, you need to accept the terms of the Contributor Agreement, which incorporates these Account and Content Submission Guidelines.

Set up an Adobe ID. 

You’ll need to create an Adobe ID or use an existing Adobe ID to access the Contributor portal. When creating your ID, be sure to choose the correct country of residence because, once you do, you won’t be able to change it. 

Submit a tax form. 

We want to get your tax withholding right, so please submit a form when you set up your account. Learn more

Multiple Accounts

You may create more than one contributor account if you wish to track different asset types in separate accounts, e.g., video submissions versus image submissions, or generative AI submissions versus traditional photos or illustrations. Also, if your account gets close to an online portfolio of 1 million assets, we recommend you open a new account.

We don’t permit multiple account creations to submit similar or identical content to inflate sales, or to bypass upload limits for generative AI content. Duplicate or multiple created accounts that violate this rule may result in the accounts being blocked or terminated. 

Content submission guidelines

We have the highest standards for our contributors and content to meet our content submission guidelines. Submitting content that does not meet these guidelines are considered a violation of the Contributor Agreement, and may result in warnings, account suspension, and/or account termination.

Intellectual Property (“IP”) Guidelines

Content must not infringe IP rights, such as copyright, trademark or similar design rights, as detailed in our IP Guidelines.

Third Party Rights Guidelines

Content must not infringe third party rights, such as publicity, privacy, property, cultural and similar rights, as explained in our Third Party Guidelines.

Generative AI Content Guidelines

Content submissions made using generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools must meet the Generative AI Guidelines.

Metadata Non-Compliance

Generative AI content prompts, titles or keywords:

  • May not contain artists' names whose work is still in copyright.
  • May not contain names of people.
  • May not imply the content is a depiction of an actual newsworthy event.
  • May not contain names of government agencies.
  • May not contain references to third party intellectual property.

All content: Never refer to the names of private property, or people, including artists whose work is still in copyright in your titles, keywords, or generativeAI prompts,. See HERE for more information.

Illustrative Editorial Requirements

Illustrative editorial is conceptual imagery designed to illustrate articles on current events and newsworthy topics. Staged content licensed for editorial uses must meet the Illustrative Editorial Requirements.

Public domain content

We do not currently accept public domain content, which is content where the copyright has expired or where the content has been dedicated to the public domain. 

Illegal, pornographic or defamatory content

You may not submit content that: 

  • Contains misleading or false information

  • Contains illegal, pornographic, or defamatory content

  • Constitutes any libel, slander, or other defamation upon any person or entity

  • Content that does not comply with applicable laws or regulations

Content spamming

Content spamming, which includes sending multiple submissions of identical or almost identical files, is not allowed. Discover the difference between useful content variations and content that is considered spam here.


Account or content activity intended to artificially increase sales rank, boost search results, or unlawfully obtain payment is prohibited. Your account may be disabled without notice to you if this type of suspicious activity is detected. 

Hateful and Offensive Content Guidelines

Hateful content

We do not allow submissions of hateful content, which is content that promotes insensitivity, intolerance or broadly mocks or belittles an individual or group, based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, among others.


For submissions depicting children, the content must be age-appropriate, non-sexualized and non-exploitative.  Content featuring children will be reviewed under strict guidelines and content that is determined to be sexualized, exploitative, or abusive will be removed.  Adobe has the right to remove files from Adobe Stock or terminate accounts that violate these rules, or otherwise has a high potential for abuse.


Content cannot contain any nudity. Do not submit any sexually explicit, pornographic, or immoral material, including material that sexualizes minors.


Do not submit content that depicts the infliction of pain or damage to one’s own body, which may deliberately result in injury to oneself. 


Do not submit content that is violent. Violent content is a depiction of (threatened or actual) against oneself, another person/being, or against a group or community which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, or psychological harm.


We do not permit submissions of content with excessive gore, which includes depictions of blood, bodily fluids, mutilation of body parts, or dismemberment to varying degrees (this applies to both humans and animals).


You may not submit content containing socially offensive language or gestures that are considered profane, vulgar, inappropriate, or culturally offensive. Also called cursing, cussing, swearing, obscenities or expletives and can encompass the use of words or phrases that fall into the categories of religious, sexual, racial, and/or derogatory towards a minority or protected group. 

Content removal and account termination

Your content may be removed, or your account may be deactivated, for not complying with these Account and Content Submission Guidelines. 

If your content has been removed, or your account blocked, due to a violation of our Terms (including these Account and Submission Guidelines), and you dispute the decision, you may file an appeal or use an out-of-court dispute resolution option (where applicable in your jurisdiction) by following the process here:

Closing your account

If you decide to close your account, contact our Contributor Support team for help if you need it.  


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