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Keyboard shortcuts

  1. Adobe XD User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What's new in Adobe XD
    2. Common questions
    3. Design, prototype, and share with Adobe XD
    4. System requirements
      1. Hardware and software requirements
      2. Adobe XD, Big Sur, and Apple silicon | macOS 11
    5. Workspace basics
    6. Change app language in Adobe XD
    7. Access UI design kits
    8. Accessibility in Adobe XD
    9. Keyboard shortcuts
    10. Tips and tricks
    11. Changes to XD Starter Plan
  3. Design
    1. Artboards, guides, and layers
      1. Get started with artboards
      2. Use guides and grids in XD
      3. Create scrollable artboards
      4. Work with layers
      5. Create scroll groups in XD
    2. Shapes, objects, and path
      1. Select, resize, and rotate objects
      2. Move, align, distribute, and arrange objects
      3. Group, lock, duplicate, copy, and flip objects
      4. Set stroke, fill, and drop shadow for objects
      5. Create repeating elements
      6. Create perspective designs with 3D transforms
      7. Edit objects using Boolean operations
    3. Text and fonts
      1. Work with drawing and text tools
      2. Fonts in Adobe XD
    4. Components and states
      1. Work with components
      2. Work with nested components in Adobe XD
      3. Add multiple states to components
    5. Masking and effects
      1. Create a mask with shapes
      2. Work with blur effects in XD
      3. Create and modify gradients
      4. Apply blend effects
    6. Layout
      1. Responsive resize and constraints
      2. Set fixed padding for components and groups
      3. Create dynamic designs with stacks
    7. Videos and Lotties
      1. Work with videos in XD
      2. Work with Lottie animations in XD
  4. Prototype
    1. Create interactive prototypes
    2. Animate prototypes
    3. Object properties supported for auto-animate
    4. Create prototypes with keyboard and gamepad
    5. Create prototypes using voice commands and playback
    6. Create timed transitions
    7. Add overlays
    8. Design voice prototypes
    9. Create anchor links in Adobe XD
    10. Preview designs and prototypes
    11. Create prototypes with videos in XD
  5. Share and export
    1. Share selected artboards
    2. Share designs and prototypes
    3. Work with prototypes in XD
    4. Coedit documents shared with you
    5. Create shareable links
    6. Review prototypes
    7. Work with design specs
    8. Share design specs
    9. Inspect design specs
    10. Navigate design specs
    11. Review and comment design specs
    12. Export design assets
    13. Export and download assets from design specs
  6. Design systems
    1. Design systems with Creative Cloud Libraries
    2. Work with document assets in Adobe XD
    3. Work with Creative Cloud Libraries in Adobe XD
    4. Migrate from linked assets to Creative Cloud Libraries
    5. Work with design tokens 
    6. Use assets from Creative Cloud Libraries
  7. Cloud documents
    1. Cloud documents in Adobe XD
    2. Collaborate and coedit designs
  8. Integrations and plugins
    1. Work with external assets
    2. Work with design assets from Photoshop
    3. Copy and paste assets from Photoshop
    4. Import or open Photoshop designs
    5. Work with Illustrator assets in Adobe XD
    6. Open or import Illustrator designs
    7. Copy vectors from Illustrator to XD
    8. Plugins for Adobe XD
    9. Create and manage plugins
    10. Jira integration for XD
    11. Slack plugin for XD
    12. Zoom plug-in for XD
    13. Share prototype from XD to Behance
  9. XD for iOS and Android
    1. Preview on mobile devices
    2. Adobe XD on mobile FAQ
  10. Troubleshooting
    1. Known and fixed issues
      1. Known issues
      2. Fixed issues
    2. Installation and updates
      1. XD appears as not compatible on Windows
      2. Error code 191
      3. Error code 183
      4. Issues installing XD plugins
      5.  Prompt to uninstall and reinstall XD on Windows 10
      6. Issues with preferences migration
    3. Launch and crash
      1.  XD crashes when launched on Windows 10
      2.  XD quits when you sign out of Creative Cloud
      3. Issue with subscription status on Windows
      4. Blocked-app warning when launching  XD on Windows
      5. Crash dump generation on Windows
      6. Crash log collection and sharing
    4. Cloud documents
      1. Issues with XD cloud documents
    5. Prototype, publish, and review
      1. Unable to record prototype interactions on macOS Catalina
      2. Issues with publish workflows
      3. Published  links do not appear in browsers
      4. Prototypes do not render correctly in browsers
      5. Commenting panel suddenly showing up on shared links
      6. Unable to publish libraries
    6. Import, export, and working with other apps
      1. Import and export in XD
      2. Photoshop files in XD
      3. Illustrator files in XD
      4. Export to After Effects from XD
      5. Sketch files in XD
      6. Third-party apps not visible in Export

List of all keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Adobe XD.

XD provides shortcuts to help you quickly work on documents. Many keyboard shortcuts appear next to the command names in menus.

Downloadable version of keyboard shortcuts

Download and print a print-friendly version of these keyboard shortcuts.

 Click to download.

XD has introduced a new plugin that lets you view all the keyboard shortcuts. To install the plugin, go to Plugins > Keyboard Shortcuts > Install. After installing the plugin, use the folllowing shortcuts to access the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mac: Shift + ⌘ + f
  • Windows: Shift + Ctrl + f

General shortcuts


Keyboard shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows



Alt + F4

Keys for Edit menu

Menu Keyboard shortcut on macOS Keyboard shortcut on Windows
Undo ⌘Z Ctrl + Z
Redo ⇧⌘Z Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cut ⌘X Ctrl + X
Copy ⌘C Ctrl + C
Paste ⌘V Ctrl + V
Paste Appearance (in Design mode), and
Paste Interaction (in Prototype mode)
⌥⌘V Ctrl + Alt +V
Duplicate ⌘D Ctrl + D
Delete Delete
Select All
⌘A Ctrl + A
Deselect All ⇧⌘A Ctrl + Shift + A

Keys for File menu

Menu Keyboard shortcut on macOS Keyboard shortcut on Windows
New ⌘N
Ctrl + N
Open... ⌘ + Shift + O Ctrl + Shift + O
Close ⌘W Alt + F4
Save... ⌘S
Ctrl + S
Save As... ⇧⌘S Ctrl + Shift + S
Save As Local Document...            ⌥⇧⌘S     Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S
Export Batch ⇧⌘E Ctrl + Shift + E
Export Selected ⌘E Ctrl + E
Export to an integrated third-party application (if an application integrated with XD is installed on your computer) ⌥⌘E Not available
Import ⇧⌘I Ctrl + Shift + I

Keys for Path/Pen

Menu Keyboard shortcut on macOS Keyboard shortcut on Windows
Switch to Pen tool P P
Convert Point Double-click Double-click
Asymmetric Control Point Alt
Snap Control Point Angle Shift
Snap Anchor Point Angle Shift
Add ⌥⌘U Ctrl + Alt + U
Subtract ⌥⌘S Ctrl + Alt + S
Intersect ⌥⌘I Ctrl + Alt + I
Exclude Overlap ⌥⌘X Ctrl + Alt + X
Convert to Path ⌘8 Ctrl + 8

Keys for Layers (Objects), Groups, Scroll groups, and Artboards

Menu Keyboard shortcut on macOs Keyboard shortcut on Windows
Group layers ⌘G Ctrl + G
Ungroup layers ⇧⌘G Ctrl + Shift +G
Make component ⌘K Ctrl + K
Lock/Unlock layer ⌘L Ctrl + L
Hide/Show layer ⌘, Ctrl + ,
Mask with shape ⇧⌘M Ctrl + Shift + M
Make repeat grid
⌘R Ctrl + R
Directly select a layer in a group/component ⌘Click layer in canvas Ctrl + click layer in canvas
Change layer opacity 1 to 9 (0 for 100%) 1 to 9 (or 0 for 100%)
Select artboard ⌘Click on blank part of artboard Ctrl + click on blank part of artboard
Draw shape from center ⌥Drag Alt + Drag
Draw shape with 1:1 aspect ratio (perfects square/circle) ⇧Drag Shift + Drag
Draw equilateral triangle Shift + Drag Shift + Drag
Show/ Hide artboard guides ⌘ + ; Ctrl + ;
Lock artboard guides Shift + ⌘ + ; Shift + Ctrl + ;
Move element by 10px  Shift + Arrows Shift +  Arrows
Resize element by 1px increment ⌘ + Arrows Alt + Arrows
Resize element by 10px increment ⌘ + Shift + Arrows Alt + Shift + Arrows
Select through overlapping layers ⌘ + Click Ctrl + Click
Edit padding Hover and drag on canvas + S Hover and drag on canvas + S
Mirror padding on opposing sides Alt + S Alt + S
Edit all sides Shift + S Shift + S
Horizontal scroll                     ⇧⌘H
                     Shift + Ctrl +H
Vertical scroll                    ⇧⌘V
                     Shift + Ctrl +V
Horizontal and vertical scroll                    ⇧⌘D
                    Shift + Ctrl +D

Keys for Align


Keyboard shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows



Ctrl + Shift + ←

Center (horizontally)


Shift + C



Ctrl + Shift + →



Ctrl +Shift + ↑

Middle (vertically)


Shift + M



Ctrl + Shift + ↓

Keys for Arrange


Keyboard shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows

Bring to Front


Shift + Ctrl + ]

Bring Forward


Ctrl + ]

Send Backward


Ctrl + [

Send to Back


Shift + Ctrl + [

Keys for Distribute


Keyboard shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows



Ctrl + Shift + H



Ctrl + Shift + V

Keys for Text


Keyboard shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows



Ctrl + B



Ctrl + I



Ctrl + U

Increase font size


Ctrl + Shift + >

Decrease font size


Ctrl + Shift + <

Keys for Operations menu


Keyboard shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows

From Center


Copy Paste Object

⌥ Drag

Alt + Drag



Edit Text



Constrain Rotate

⇧ (15°)

Shift (15°)

Line Constrain Rotate

⇧ (45°)

Shift (45°)

Constrain From Center


Shift + Alt

Direct Select


Switch between Design and Prototype mode

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + Tab

Keys for Tools menu

Menu Keyboard shortcut on macOS Keyboard shortcut on Windows
Select V V
Rectangle R R
Ellipse E E
Polygon Y Y
Line L L
Pen P P
Text T T
Artboard A A
Enter zoom mode: Z Enter zoom mode: Z
Zoom to Selection ⌘3 Ctrl + 3
Eyedropper  I I

Keys for Interface and Viewing Options

Menu Keyboard shortcut on macOS Keyboard shortcut on Windows
Switch to Design mode
Alt + 1
Switch to Prototype mode ⌥2
Alt + 2
Switch to Share mode ⌥3
Alt + 3
Zoom In
  • ⌘+, 
  • Option-Scrollwheel, 
  • Option-swipe (Magic Mouse)
  • Pinch out (trackpad)
  • Ctrl + +
  • Ctrl-Scrollwheel
  • Pinch out (trackpad)
Zoom Out
  • ⌘-, 
  • Option-Scrollwheel,
  • Option-swipe (Magic Mouse)
  • Pinch in (trackpad)
  • Ctrl + -
  • Ctrl-Scrollwheel
  • Pinch in (trackpad)
Zoom to Fit
⌘ 0 Ctrl + 0
100% ⌘ 1 Ctrl + 1
200% ⌘ 2 Ctrl + 2
Pan Spacebar Spacebar
Assets ⇧ ⌘ Y Ctrl + Shift + Y
Layers ⌘ Y Ctrl + Y
Show Layout Grid ⇧ ⌘ '
Shift + Ctrl + '
Show Square Grid ⌘ ' Ctrl + '
Fullscreen Mode ^⌘F  Not available
Switch between design and prototype mode ^Tab Ctrl + Tab
Switch between Windows (Files)

⌘-Tilde (~)

Not available
Increase or decrease a value in a field by 1 ↑ or ↓ ↑ or ↓

Increase or Decrease a value in a field by 10

Hold ⇧ and hit ↑ or ↓

Hold Shift and hit ↑ or ↓

Keys for Window menu


Keyboard Shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows









Ctrl + Enter

Keys for operation modifiers


Keyboard Shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows

Horizontal Pan

Shift + Scrollwheel

Shift + Scrollwheel

Vertical Pan



Keys for Selection and measuring distances between elements


Keyboard Shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows

Enable measurements

Option (with an object selected)

Alt (with an object selected)

Distance from Selected Layer

Hold ⌥ and Hover over object/group/artboard

Hold Alt and Hover over object/group/artboard

Distance relative to Selected Group

Hold ⌥⌘ and Hover over an object in the group

Hold Ctrl + Alt  and Hover over an object in the group

Keys for Design Specs


Keyboard Shortcut on macOS

Keyboard shortcut on Windows


⌘ + Mousewheel

⌘+, ⌘- 

Ctrl + Mousewheel

Ctrl +, Ctrl -

Reset zoom


Ctrl + 0


↑, ↓, →, ←

Spacebar + Click-and-drag

↑, ↓, →, ←

Spacebar + Click-and-drag

Faster pan

Shift + ↑, ↓, →, ←

Shift + ↑, ↓, →, ←

Remove focus from artboard in Spec view



Navigate across linked artboards

Shift + Click

Shift + Click

Keys for Vector Editing


Keyboard Shortcuts on MacOS

Keyboard Shortcuts on Win

Start Editing Selected Vector Object



Stop Editing Selected Vector Object



Switch Between Straight and Mirrored Control Points



Disconnect Control Point Handle


Alt + drag

Keys for Prototyping


Keyboard Shortcuts on MacOS

Keyboard Shortcuts on Win

See all connections in prototype mode


Ctrl + A

Hide all wires 





Ctrl + Enter

Start or stop recording the preview


Not available

Stop recording


Not available

Share prototype online


Ctrl + Shift + E

Navigate artboards in preview or shared prototype

Right or Left Arrow

 → or ←

Create a new line in the comment box of shared prototype link 

Enter or Shift + Enter

Enter or Shift + Enter

Submit comment entered in the comment box of shared prototype link

Cmd + Enter 

Ctrl + Enter 

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