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Adobe Aero desktop | Common questions

Read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Adobe Aero desktop and get answers to common questions.

What is the difference between Aero mobile (iOS) and Aero desktop?

Aero mobile (iOS) and Aero desktop have similar capabilities in terms of feature functionality. Aero mobile (iOS) makes it possible to create AR in AR with the added contextual view of the front-facing camera. 

Aero desktop does not enable a real-time view of AR in AR because there is no front-facing camera on most desktop hardware. Aero desktop does give you greater control for placement and adding complex sequences of interactivity to objects in your scene.  The desktop environment also provides direct access to content being prepped on other desktop applications.  

Aero and Desktop Difference

The ability to publish an Aero project to Behance and the ability to custom animate the path of an object are features currently only available on Aero mobile (iOS).

To know more about Aero mobile (iOS), see Aero FAQ.

Where can I source assets to use in Aero desktop?

Aero desktop comes loaded with a collection of starter assets. The starter assets found in desktop are the same as the collection found in the starter assets on Aero mobile (iOS). You can source content through Adobe Dimension and Adobe Stock or any online marketplace that provides supported file types

Source Assets

What is the difference between Aero desktop and Adobe Dimension?

Aero desktop and Dimension desktop are intended to complement each other while providing focus for particular workflows. 

Aero’s main output is an interactive immersive scene that is meant to be shared as a real-time AR experience. Dimension's main output is a non-interactive and fully virtual 3D scene. 

Difference between Aero and Dimension

Both applications share many functionalities for layout, camera controls and general navigation – and you can easily send Dimension scenes to Aero. The strategy over time is to learn how the products should and can work together to best serve user needs. 

What is the best way to edit the same Aero experience on both Aero desktop and Aero mobile (iOS)?

All documents created in Aero are saved in the Cloud as a Cloud Document.

The best way to work between two devices is to close out of the application on the primary device before trying to preview or edit the project on the secondary device.

Alternatively, you can export a .REAL file and open on the other device to continue editing.  

Cloud documents

Is the Aero available on desktop for free?

Yes, the Aero desktop is free to download from or the Creative Cloud apps.  

Aero free to download

Is Aero desktop available for enterprise?

Yes, Aero is available for enterprise users too! It supports three identity types (Adobe ID, Enterprise ID, and Federated ID).  

What's next?

We've got you covered on the common questions about Aero desktop. To learn more about Aero desktop and what you can make with it, see Workspace basics.

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Aero Community. We would love to hear from you.

Don't forget to showcase your work on Behance and seek inspiration from others' work as well.


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