Fixed issues in Animate

We heard you! We've been working hard at fixing the issues you reported to us. Here's a list of issues we fixed in the latest release of Animate.

Animate 2023 (version 23.0.1)

  • Animate crashes on copy-pasting text from Illustrator to Animate.
  • Bone length is getting altered on dragging the bone continuously.

Animate 2023 (version 23.0.0)

  • Warped object disappears upon copy pasting it on a different document.
  • Importing fla file into After Effects is not working.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.8)

  • [winOS] Your Adobe Flash Player version is too old error on running Projector files.
  • Animate is turning into non-responding mode upon copying all layers from specific files.
  • Duplicated symbols are not placed inside the Duplicated Items Folder in the Library panel
  • Auto keyframe does not honor the temporary transform point while rotating or scaling if the selection is made across layers.
  • Flexi bone has sharp deformation for objects that are small.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.7)

  • [macOS] Files in the network folder become hidden and the error occurs on trying to save a file opened from a shared network drive.
  • [macOS] Eyedropper does not pick up the correct color from a group or a graphic.
  • Child object gets rotated on reopening the file if the parent object was rotated before parenting.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.6)

  • [macOS] Error opening files created in older versions of Flash Professional.
  • [macOS] Missing workspaces, files error after launching the application with fresh preferences after macOS 12.3.1 update.
  • Incorrect test movie and video output if parenting is used inside a graphic symbol with a camera on the main timeline.
  • Parenting structure breaks upon copy-pasting keyframes with rigging in it.
  • Compiler error on publishing the file with any of the actions script reserved keywords in the layer name.
  • Import of SVG files with an embedded PNG is failing.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.5)

  • [winOS] Application turns black after using it for a long time.
  • [winOS] Actions panel is not getting closed on pressing F9 key.
  • [macOS] Color picker doesn't work in Gradient Color Panel, Find and Replace panel.
  • [macOS] clr and act color files exported failed to append the file extension hence unable to import such files.
  • Video export or Publishing takes too long and the output doesn't match with the stage if layer effects are applied inside the nested graphics.
  • Font Name, Font Style, Stroke Style and Width Profile dropdowns are not clickable or failed to open unless the application is relaunched.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.4)

  • [macOS] Sound not playing in Library panel and Timeline playback on Mac OS 11 & 12.
  • [macOS] Application goes to non responding state when importing a h264 video or opening a file containing h264 video.
  • Application crashes on scrolling the font list after adding a web font.
  • Stroke appearances are not retained while converting it to a rigged object.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.3)

  • [winOS] Inserting Keyframes progress dialog appears on inserting a keyframe or a blank keyframe.
  • Convert each to keyframes breaks the pose in the last keyframe in shape tween.
  • Previous keyframe objects are misplaced while using auto keyframing in a parenting setup.
  • Unable to move symbols in multiple layers together in a motion tween.
  • Unintended new keyframe is introduced when editing a symbol with the Free Transform tool in a tween span.
  • Playhead jumps in the Timeline panel while expanding or collapsing the Motion editor view

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.2)

  • [winOS] Context menu with options like Run Script, Format Code, Comment selection etc do not appear in script documents.
  • [winOS] Actions panel is not getting closed on pressing F9 key.
  • Objects on the child layer retain the tween even after removing the animation in the parent layer when Propagate Scale, Skew, and Flip is ON.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0.1)

  • Layer gets unparented in Auto Keyframe workflows.
  • Parenting in motion tween glitches if rotation is applied.
  • Child object moves on changing the transformation point of a parent object.
  • [winOS] Animate crashes on publishing a file with corrupted sound.
  • [winOS] Animate crashes on opening a file from a location that requires administrator privileges.
  • The code block is not shown properly in the actions panel and script documents.
  • Curly braces do not auto close in the Actions panel.
  • [winOS] Autocomplete does not work in the Actions panel.
  • [winOS] Keyboard shortcut for Find and Replace, Comment, and Uncomment Selection is not working in the Actions panel.
  • [macOS] Keyboard shortcut to Hide Animate does not work when in script document.

Animate 2022 (version 22.0)

  • Maximum call stack size exceeded error in Chrome for long frame-by-frame animations.
  • [macOS] shift-Tab does not move the text back to the left after a tab is used in script documents.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.9)

  • Sound files other than MP3 are not getting imported in Animate.
  • Text become invisible for some fonts when editing it in Japanese, Chinese and Korean language.
  • Application crashes on quitting if it was launched by opening a file.
  • Some assets are not visible in Assets panel unless the application is relaunched.
  • [macOS] Export video/media does not launch Adobe Media Encoder 15.4.
  • [macOS] Overwriting a word selected by double click in code editor is not working.
  • [winOS] Some of the keyboard shortcuts are not working when the focus is in code editor.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.8)

  • The size of the object changes and the movement of the object is incorrect while moving it using arrow keys in the presence of the camera.
  • Frame selection/highlight is not clearly visible in the Frame Picker panel.
  • First and Last Frame number is not correct when converting a Movie Clip to Graphic.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.7)

  • Variable Width Profile is not getting retained on reopening a file.
  • Paint Selection and Paint Fills Only modes are not working inside Drawing objects and Groups.
  • Opening or closing a large fla document takes a long time and consumes almost double the memory.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.6)

  • Fixed bugs related to Paint Fills/Paint Selection brush modes.
  • Security bug fixes related to out of bounds read and UAF vulnerability which could lead to sensitive memory data and arbitrary code execution by opening the malicious file.
  • Crash during installation of Animate to a directory having Capital Cyrillic character has been fixed.
  • Fixed drawing related bug after performing “Convert Layers to Symbol” action.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.5)

  • PNGs generated out of Texture Atlas exporter JSAPI is not transparent.
  • Animate crashes on trying to change the first frame in Frame Picker panel inside a group.
  • Application crashes on adding a new layer via keyboard shortcut while renaming a layer.
  • Undo of Brush modes such as Paint Selection and Paint Inside is not working on Drawing objects.
  • Tween is getting broken in the output for object on guided layer with Camera.
  • [winOS] Color Set and Color Table files ignores the file extensions on exporting a color swatch.
  • Copy-pasting nested movieclips from one document to another doesn't function correctly.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.4)

  • Keyboard shortcuts for different Gap Size options are not working.
  • [macOS] Animate color set and color table files are not recognized in Add/Replace color workflows.
  • Compiler error on test movie if camera API's are used and one of the layer name is "stage".
  • Applying rig on objects with different orientation than the source is not getting applied correctly.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.3)

  • Export Image and Export Animated GIF dialog appears truncated on small displays.
  • A call to importPublishProfileString() jsapi after modifying the doc apis crashes Animate.
  • A call to addItem() jsapi to add symbol after changing the active doc crashes Animate.
  • Animate crashes on test movie a file with an invalid sound envelope.
  • Animate goes into non responding state on moving the points in the envelope editor with both left and right mouse clicks.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.2)

  • Paint Bucket with Close Small Gaps mode leads to not responding state while using Stylus Pen to drag fill.
  • [macOS 11]  In the Properties panel, Stroke style and width dropdown menus are distorted.
  • [macOS 11]  Bitmap, Linear and Radial Gradient swatches look distorted.
  • [macOS 11] Brush Library panel appears distorted.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0.1)

  • [macOS] Application crashes on launch if one or more corrupted font is installed on the system.
  • Arrow keys to nudge the selection do not function as intended when in Edit Multiple Frames mode.
  • Keyboard shortcut to increase or decrease classic brush size does not update it live.
  • Dragging frames across layer folders do not work in Timeline panel.
  • Copy pasting objects, frames, and layers take long time in complex projects.
  • Animate crashes on using envelope transformation multiple times on a drawing object.
  • Bitmap warped object disappear upon reopening the file if it is part of a classic tween span.

Animate 2021 (version 21.0)

  • [macOS] Brush strokes are skipped while fast sketching.
  • Brush lag when drawing on a zoomed-in stage.
  • In Windows Ink mode, Temporary tools flicker or does not work.
  • Matte option is disabled in Export Image and Export Animated GIF dialogs.
  • Stage colored fills turn transparent when Transparent GIFs are generated. 
  • In Canvas document, Compression settings within the Bitmap properties dialog are disabled.
  • Animate does not respond while processing the Layer thumbnail previews in AI import dialog.
  • CPU usage is high when Animate is in idle state, or in the background.
  • While using Save as option, Auto Recovery file is not removed.
  • Auto-recovery is triggered during Timeline playback.
  •  Zoom-in and zoom-out options do not function accurately in nested symbols.
  • Flip transform does not function accurately when both parent and child objects are selected.


Animate 2020 (version 20.5.1)

  • Viseme frame picker does not open in the Lip sync dialog.
  • Static text randomly publishes as dynamic text causing display issue in Canvas output.
  • Cannot change the color from the Color panel for text, primitive, or drawing objects.
  • Stream audio of lengthy timelines is out of sync in Canvas output.
  • While copying three or more keyframes, extra frame is created.
  • Eraser tool lags in Auto keyframe mode.
  • Art brush extension does not create a group after turning fills from stroke.

Animate 2020 (version 20.5)

  • Texture/spritesheets is not generated for non-default image settings in canvas publishing,
  • Canvas output does not play in IE11.
  • Blend-modes against stage background are not honored in canvas output.
  • At the time of canvas publishing, mask effect generates frame by frame output and increases the JS output file size.
  • Export time for HTML5 Canvas is slow.
  • In the preview mode, Timeline playhead stalls at random frames.
  • Application frame disappears momentarily while modifying workspace or switching between Home and Animate tabs.
  • Application crashes on quitting fl.quit() after running it for a long duration.
  • When moving the tween span in a Layer parenting setup, child object changes its position.
  • Use four-digit number while naming SVG sequence export.

Animate 2020 (version 20.0.3)

  • Brush stroke disappears while drawing inside a new group.
  • Empty trash folders are created at times while opening files.
  • In Properties panel, when multiple Graphic instances are selected, start frame for Loop cannot be modified.
  • FPS drops when the cursor hovers over timeline or stage during Timeline playback.
  • Skew does not function correctly when applied on a motion tween symbol.

Animate 2020 (version 20.0.2)

  • Font style field appears disabled in Catalina.
  • Camera and layer effects applied on the first frame are not retained in the video output.
  • In the Tools panel, changing the Fill or Stroke color requires an extra click.

Animate 2020 (version 20.0.1)

In this release, we fixed some stability issues to offer you a better product stability.

  • Incorrect blend mode appears on bitmap while switching between nested timeline and scrubbing timeline.
  • In HTML5 Canvas published output, symbol instance's Name property is not set in JS.
  • Drawing tools draw at an offset if Animate is launched on a secondary monitor and the secondary display scale factor is different from the primary display.
  • In the published output, HTML5 Components appear at the beginning of timeline.
  • Items in Library panel do not have a compact view.
  • Exporting a frame to jpg/png also exports hidden layers to the image.
  •  For multiframe timeline, HTML5 Components do not load properly in output.

Animate 2020 (version 20.0)

  • Rotation and skew are not smooth while tweening.
  • Symbol jitters or moves at end of tween.
  • Polygon selection tool is not working in EditInPlace mode of symbols.
  • Easing property does not get updated in the output if it is modified after the canvas is published.
  • Shape tween does not work in the canvas output when gradient colors are used.
  • Unable to select a shape-tweened stroke inside graphic symbol.
  • library.addItemToDocument() api adds item at incorrect position on hidpi monitor.
  • App crashes on texture publishing a canvas file if the file uses European decimal format.
  • App crashes on export png image via Export Image dialog or via JSAPI in specific scenario.

App crashes on texture publishing a canvas file if the file uses europian decimal format.

  • Maskee layers are attaching to the camera in the canvas output.
  • Keyboard shortcut set for one tool in a group is impacting other tools also in the group (lasso, polygon, magic wand, and more).
  • Provide keyboard shortcut for black & white color and swap colors.
  • <XML.UI> Color Chip element cannot receive its value on initialization.
  • Compiler errors in case publishing swf for multi-scene document if some of the scenes use layer effects or camera but not all the layers.
  • Few strokes are missing in SVG exported for character animator. 
  • Folder in library disappears after paste.
  • Timeline playback FPS drops if certain tool is active.

Animate 2019 (version 19.2.1)

The 19.2.1 update for Animate fixes crash issues when performing paste in place inside a drawing object or group.

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