New folder appears after updating Creative Cloud | macOS

Seeing a new Library folder with a red icon on your device after updating to Creative Cloud on macOS? Learn how to remove the folder.

Why do I see a new Library folder on macOS after updating Creative Cloud?

When you update to the version of the Creative Cloud desktop app, a folder named Library gets created. You also see a red badge on the folder icon, indicating that you cannot access it without your admin password.

Empty Library foldre created in macOS

Can this folder harm my device?

No, this folder does not harm your device in any way. 

How do I delete this folder from my device?

  1. Install the latest update of the Creative Cloud desktop app from the Creative Cloud website.

    I don't want to update so soon

    If you want to wait for another major release to update your app, you can simply delete the folder (you'll be prompted for your admin password). Once deleted, the folder reappears, but the red badge is no longer there. 


    If prompted to allow the installer to access files in your Documents folder, select OK.

  2. Delete the folder.

    You no longer see the folder on your device.

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