Known issues in Adobe Media Encoder

This document provides information on the list of known issues in the Adobe Media Encoder.

December 2021 Release (Version 22.1.1)

If Premiere Pro or Media Encoder is experiencing out-of-memory errors on M1-based Macs, adjusting the amount of memory allocated to Adobe applications may help decrease or eliminate the occurrence of these errors. You can try increasing the amount of memory that the operating system uses to achieve a 50% balance between Adobe and other applications/OS.

To work around this issue:

In the memory allocation area in the Memory preferences dialog (Preferences > Memory), it shows the amount of RAM available to Adobe and other applications.

  1. Change the value listed for other applications to represent 50% of the total installed RAM.
  2. Restart Adobe application to activate new memory allocation.
Allocating memory
Allocating memory

July 2021 (version 15.4) release

  • Issue: Publishing media content to Adobe Stock fails with an error message.
    Workaround: Manually upload media content to Adobe Stock servers via SFTP. For more information, see Upload your content on Adobe Stock

May 2021 (version 15.2) release

  • Issue: Stock audio assets in Team Project sequences are offline when added to Adobe Media Encoder's queue from Media Browser
    Workaround: Queue the sequence to Adobe Media Encoder from Premiere Pro instead of importing the Team Project from Media Browser in Adobe Media Encoder.

March 2021 (version 15.0) release

  • Issue: Caption export options are missing for media files with embedded captions
    Workaround: Place media files with embedded captions into a sequence in Premiere Pro and queue the sequence to Media Encoder. Caption export options are available for Premiere sequences.

January 2021 (version 14.8) release

  • Issue: Export Settings dialog may not close if Adobe Stock is enabled in Publish settings. This can happen when current export settings are prohibited by the Adobe Stock service. No warning dialog is shown in this scenario.
    Workarounds: Adjust export settings so that duration is less than 60 seconds, frame size is greater than 1280x720, and make sure you’re signed in to your Adobe Stock account. If that does not work, disable the Adobe Stock destination

October 2020 (version 14.5) release

  • Issue: Export Settings dialog does not close if Publish to Behance is enabled and Description or Tags field is empty.
    Workaround: Fill in the fields to continue.

September 2020 (version 14.4) release

No warning dialog for unlicensed Stock Audio in Adobe Media Encoder.

November 2019 (version 14.0) release

  • Crash occurs during export
    : Crash when exporting a sequence with ProRes media with an embedded LUT from ARRI cameras.
    Workaround: Export directly from Premiere Pro.

April 2019 (version 13.1) release

  • Dragging a scene from Character Animator to Adobe Media Encoder's queue doesn't honor Work Area setting
    Issue: By default, Source Range is set to Entire Composition. If you change the Source Range to Work Area, the In & Out points are set to the beginning of timeline.
    Workaround: To handle the work area setting correctly, use File > Export.
  • Lossless audio from WMV is imported as noise (Win10 build1809 only)
    Issue: When you import WMV with lossless audio, you do not hear the original audio.
    Workaround: Do not update to Win10 build1809. Instead use the Win10 build1803 or earlier versions.
  • Adobe Media Encoder hangs when trying to reingest a camera structured source.
    Issue: Adobe Media Encoder hangs if you turn on/off the transcode option in Ingest settings when trying to reingest a camera structured source.
    Workaround: Specify a different copy location.

December 2018 (version 13.0.2) release

  • QuickTime files with legacy codecs to import as audio only
    Issue: The ending of QuickTime 32 support causes some QuickTime files with legacy codecs to import as audio-only.
    Workaround: Transcode files to a supported codec and reimport.
  • Audio is out of sync
    Issue: Audio is out of sync by several 100 samples in H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG4, when multiplexing audio and video streams.
    Workaround: None, except encoding into a different format with uncompressed audio such as MXF.
  • With H.264, AAC audio is truncated at the end.
    : When you use H.264 on the fly muxing, AAC audio is truncated at the end.
    Workaround: Use VBR 2-pass encode or use MPEG audio.
  • Encode Error
    Issue: Encode error when DL-queued from Premium Pro and encoded into the matching QT ProRes video setting as the source.
    Workaround: Check the "Import sequence natively" option.
  • Some of the QuickTime reference files are not imported.
    : Some QuickTime reference files can no longer be imported.
    Workaround: No workaround.
    Support for import/export of legacy 32-bit QuickTime media is discontinued. For more information, see  32-bit QuickTime support has ended.
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