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Sync settings in Media Encoder

Read about how you can synchronize your preferences such as workspace layouts, keyboard shortcuts, and presets across different machines using your Creative Cloud account.


Starting December 11, 2023, new users and organizations will not be entitled to Creative Cloud Synced files. Starting February 1, 2024, Creative Cloud Synced files will be discontinued for personal accounts that existed before December 11, 2023 (learn more here). Starting October 1, 2024, Creative Cloud Synced files will be discontinued for business accounts associated with organizations that existed before December 11, 2023 (learn more here).

Sync Settings will no longer be available starting with Adobe Media Encoder 24.3

Adobe Media Encoder versions 23 and 24.0-24.2 will continue to support Sync Settings until December 2025, after which it will no longer work in any Media Encoder versions.

You can still share your preferences manually by copying the Preferences folder to your local machines. These preferences control keyboard shortcuts, composition settings, interpretation rules, render and output settings, and more, including settings not previously synchronized by Sync Settings

Sync Settings enable to keep your settings such as keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and user presets synchronized across multiple machines. All settings can be uploaded to your Creative Cloud account and then downloaded and applied on other machines.

Sync settings

To start synchronizing your settings, click Media Encoder > Sync Settings > Sync Settings Now (Windows) or Premiere Pro > [your Adobe ID] > Sync Settings Now (macOS).

Accessing the Sync Settings dialog
Accessing the Sync Settings dialog

Enter your Adobe ID and password to authenticate your account to the Creative Cloud.

Login Screen Sync Settings
Sync settings login

Sync settings from a different account

You can also synchronize your settings from a different Adobe account.  Media Encoder > Sync Settings > Use Settings From a Different Account to use a different Adobe ID and password.

Manage Sync Settings

To manage the settings that are synchronized, select Media Encoder > Sync Settings (Windows) or Media Encoder > Sync Settings and click Manage Sync Settings (Mac OS).

Sync settings preference

Select the preferences to synchronize and the frequency when Adobe Media Encoder should synchronize them:  

  • Current:
    • Preferences/Settings
    • Workspace Layouts
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Presets
  • When Syncing:
    • Ask My Preference
    • Always upload settings
    • Always download settings
  • Automatically clear settings on application quit - Clear settings restores AME to pre-sync state. Enable this option to clear the user profile when you quit the Adobe Media Encoder application. When the application starts up the next time, the original preferences that were set (before you logged in with your Adobe ID) will be restored.
  • Preferences that specify absolute paths or depend on system hardware will not be synchronized.
  • To delete sync settings, select here and select clear settings.


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