Unable to upload photos and videos to Facebook


When you try to upload media directly to Facebook from Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, or Elements Organizer, you receive the following error message:

Facebook no longer supports sharing from desktop products.


Due to recent changes in the way Facebook is working with third-party developers, direct upload of photos and videos from desktop products to Facebook is no longer supported.

From Facebook documentation

As we begin enhancing our new app review process and make changes to our platform, the Events, Groups, Pages and Instagram APIs will no longer be available to new developers. Testing of our more robust process starts today and the new process should resume in a few weeks, but apps currently accessing Events and Groups APIs will lose access today.  


This change is effective as of August 01, 2018.

You will no longer be able to upload photos and videos from Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, or Elements Organizer directly to Facebook.

Any future API changes introduced by Facebook may impact the publish service again.

Suggested workarounds

Export photos as JPEGs and videos as MP4 files, then upload to your Facebook account via your browser. See the following Help resources:


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