Feature summary | Photoshop on the iPad (December 2019 release)

Learn about new features available in the December 2019 release of Photoshop on the iPad (version 1.1).

Select subject

Powered by Adobe Sensei, the Select Subject tool is trained to identify the most prominent subject in your document and quickly make a selection of the subject in a single tap.

To make a selection using the Select Subject tool, do the following:

  1. Double tap the Lasso (default) or other active selection tool from the toolbar to bring up more selection tool options.
  2. Tap Select Subject ().  The Select Subject tool automatically selects the main subject in the active layer of your document.
Select Subject

To learn more about selections and masks, see Make selections and add masks.

Other enhancements

  1. With this release, cloud documents are faster than before. The new cloud document system is optimized to save only the incremental changes you make to your PSDs, and provides the fastest way to seamlessly work between Photoshop on the iPad and desktop. To learn more about cloud documents, see:
  2. The dark mode setting in the app can now be set to match with your iPadOS setting. To learn more about interface settings, see Manage app settings.
  3. Many common bugs have been fixed with this release. To learn more about fixed issues, see Fixed issues in Photoshop.
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