Learn how to access app settings and set your preferences to work in Photoshop on your iPad.

How to manage your app settings

  1. Tap the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the home screen to access your app settings. 

    App Settings dialog in Photoshop on iPad
  2. In the App Settings dialog, choose any of the setting groups: General, Input, Account, About, or Help

    Within these setting groups, tap to expand any section to view the available settings and options.

  3. Update the settings as required depending on your preferences for working in the app. Close the App Settings dialog when done.


You can manage your In-App purchase subscription from the App Settings menu if you've subscribed through the App Store.



Color theme: Choose a Dark or Light color theme for the app interface. You can also use system setting to apply a color theme.

Show font names in English: View the available font names in English. This button is turned on by default. Turn it off to see font names in their respective languages. 


Reset app defaults: To reset to default app preferences, quit the app from the App Switcher. To do so, swipe up from the bottom to the middle of your screen and hold until the App Switcher appears, then swipe the app up to quit.

Reset all warning dialogs: Resets the default warnings. The warning dialogs will appear again when appropriate.


Apple Pencil

Double-tap: Set the default action for a double-tap with your Apple Pencil.

Pressure sensitivity: Use the slider to control the pressure sensitivity of your Apple Pencil in Photoshop on your iPad.


Touch indicator: Turn on to show the area where your finger or stylus touches the screen. Disabled by default.

Touch shortcut: Turn on to see the touch shortcut activated on the canvas. Quickly perform alternate actions with the selected tool using touch shortcuts. Enabled by default.

Stylus double-tap: Turn on to activate double-tap gesture using the stylus. Enabled by default.  

Stylus-only painting: Turn on to ignore finger touches on the canvas and only accept touched from the stylus. Disabled by default. 

View gestures: Tap to view a map of all the gestures you can use within the app. 

View touch shortcuts: Tap to view a map of all the touch shortcuts you can use within the app. 


View all keyboard shortcuts: Tap to view a map of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use within the app.


Profile information

The Account section displays the profile information associated with your Adobe account.

Edit profile: Tap to access your Adobe ID account online and manage the account information for your Adobe ID. For example, you can change your password, add a profile picture, and view your plans.

Sign out: Tap to sign out of the app. You have to sign back in to use the app. 

Creative cloud storage

Available cloud storage: Displays the amount of cloud storage available with your Creative Cloud membership. A bar indicates the space used by your documents backed up in the cloud.

Use cellular data to sync: Turn on to use your cellular network's Internet bandwidth to:

  • Download your documents from the cloud when you open them for editing.
  • Sync your changes and edits to the cloud.
  • Upload any recently created documents to the cloud.

Turn off to sync only over a WiFi connection.


About Photoshop

Find a brief introduction about Photoshop along with current version details.

What's new

Find a link to visit the What's new page of Photoshop. Page opens in your default browser.

Follow and share

  • Follow and share: Follow Photoshop on the social platforms and share your inspirational work with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Leave a review: Leave a review for the Photoshop on mobile app.
  • Share this app: Find your experience with the Photoshop on mobile app exciting? Share the app with friends!

Improvement program

Help improve Photoshop by sharing anonymous usage statistics and crash information with Adobe. No personal information or assets are shared.

  • Send usage info: Turn on to share your usage information with the Photoshop team.
  • Send crash info: You can choose to send crash reports that help improve Photoshop. 

Walks you through the terms of use, privacy policy, and third party notices.


Shows you a list of Adobe resources who have dedicatedly worked on creating the best Photoshop experience.


View All Tutorials: Takes you to the Learn page on the home screen where you can explore and view Photoshop tutorials within the app. 

Check Out FAQ: Read frequently asked questions about Photoshop. Opens in your device's default web browser.

Send feedback: Tap to report a problem, suggest a feature, or take a survey in the How can we help? dialog that opens. 

Community forum: Connect with fellow community members and be a part of trending discussions in Photoshop. Tap to open Adobe Support Community in your device's default web browser.