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Adobe XD on mobile FAQ

  1. Adobe XD User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What's new in Adobe XD
    2. Common questions
    3. Design, prototype, and share with Adobe XD
    4. Color Management
    5. System requirements
      1. Hardware and software requirements
      2. Adobe XD, Big Sur, and Apple silicon | macOS 11
    6. Workspace basics
    7. Change app language in Adobe XD
    8. Access UI design kits
    9. Accessibility in Adobe XD
    10. Keyboard shortcuts
    11. Tips and tricks
  3. Design
    1. Artboards, guides, and layers
      1. Get started with artboards
      2. Use guides and grids
      3. Create scrollable artboards
      4. Work with layers
      5. Create scroll groups
    2. Shapes, objects, and path
      1. Select, resize, and rotate objects
      2. Move, align, distribute, and arrange objects
      3. Group, lock, duplicate, copy, and flip objects
      4. Set stroke, fill, and drop shadow for objects
      5. Create repeating elements
      6. Create perspective designs with 3D transforms
      7. Edit objects using Boolean operations
    3. Text and fonts
      1. Work with drawing and text tools
      2. Fonts in Adobe XD
    4. Components and states
      1. Work with components
      2. Work with nested components
      3. Add multiple states to components
    5. Masking and effects
      1. Create a mask with shapes
      2. Work with blur effects
      3. Create and modify gradients
      4. Apply blend effects
    6. Layout
      1. Responsive resize and constraints
      2. Set fixed padding for components and groups
      3. Create dynamic designs with stacks
    7. Videos and Lottie animations
      1. Work with videos
      2. Create prototypes using videos
      3. Work with Lottie animations
  4. Prototype
    1. Create interactive prototypes
    2. Animate prototypes
    3. Object properties supported for auto-animate
    4. Create prototypes with keyboard and gamepad
    5. Create prototypes using voice commands and playback
    6. Create timed transitions
    7. Add overlays
    8. Design voice prototypes
    9. Create anchor links
    10. Create hyperlinks
    11. Preview designs and prototypes
  5. Share, export, and review
    1. Share selected artboards
    2. Share designs and prototypes
    3. Set access permissions for links
    4. Work with prototypes
    5. Review prototypes
    6. Work with design specs
    7. Share design specs
    8. Inspect design specs
    9. Navigate design specs
    10. Review and comment design specs
    11. Export design assets
    12. Export and download assets from design specs
    13. Group sharing for enterprise
    14. Back up or transfer XD assets
  6. Design systems
    1. Design systems with Creative Cloud Libraries
    2. Work with document assets in Adobe XD
    3. Work with Creative Cloud Libraries in Adobe XD
    4. Migrate from linked assets to Creative Cloud Libraries
    5. Work with design tokens 
    6. Use assets from Creative Cloud Libraries
  7. Cloud documents
    1. Cloud documents in Adobe XD
    2. Collaborate and coedit designs
    3. Coedit documents shared with you
  8. Integrations and plugins
    1. Work with external assets
    2. Work with design assets from Photoshop
    3. Copy and paste assets from Photoshop
    4. Import or open Photoshop designs
    5. Work with Illustrator assets in Adobe XD
    6. Open or import Illustrator designs
    7. Copy vectors from Illustrator to XD
    8. Plugins for Adobe XD
    9. Create and manage plugins
    10. Jira integration for XD
    11. Slack plugin for XD
    12. Zoom plug-in for XD
    13. Publish design from XD to Behance
  9. XD for iOS and Android
    1. Preview on mobile devices
    2. Adobe XD on mobile FAQ
  10. Troubleshooting
    1. Known and fixed issues
      1. Known issues
      2. Fixed issues
    2. Installation and updates
      1. XD appears as not compatible on Windows
      2. Error code 191
      3. Error code 183
      4. Issues installing XD plugins
      5.  Prompt to uninstall and reinstall XD on Windows 10
      6. Issues with preferences migration
    3. Launch and crash
      1.  XD crashes when launched on Windows 10
      2.  XD quits when you sign out of Creative Cloud
      3. Issue with subscription status on Windows
      4. Blocked-app warning when launching  XD on Windows
      5. Crash dump generation on Windows
      6. Crash log collection and sharing
    4. Cloud documents and Creative Cloud Libraries
      1. Issues with XD cloud documents
      2. Issues with linked components
      3. Issues with libraries and links
    5. Prototype, publish, and review
      1. Unable to record prototype interactions on macOS Catalina
      2. Issues with publish workflows
      3. Published  links do not appear in browsers
      4. Prototypes do not render correctly in browsers
      5. Commenting panel suddenly showing up on shared links
      6. Unable to publish libraries
    6. Import, export, and working with other apps
      1. Import and export in XD
      2. Photoshop files in XD
      3. Illustrator files in XD
      4. Export to After Effects from XD
      5. Sketch files in XD
      6. Third-party apps not visible in Export

Find answers to frequently asked questions on Adobe XD on mobile. Learn about the supported devices and platforms, how to download, and use Adobe XD on mobile.

The Adobe XD mobile app enables you to preview your designs on iOS and Android devices.

Edit your design using XD on the desktop and see them reflected in real time on mobile devices connected through USB.

You can save XD documents as cloud documents (a new native file type that is accessible online or offline directly from inside the XD app) from within XD and retrieve them from Cloud Documents section in assets.adobe.com.

General information

Adobe XD on mobile is a companion app that lets you preview your designs and prototypes on iOS and Android devices using the following modes:

  • Real-time Preview via USB (available on macOS and Windows 10 on iOS and only on macOS on Android): You can connect multiple devices via USB to your computer running Adobe XD, edit your designs and prototypes on the desktop, and preview them in real time on all the connected mobile devices. For previewing using an USB on Win 10, ensure that you install the latest version of iTunes on Win 10.
  • Loading Adobe XD Cloud Documents (available for documents created in Adobe XD on macOS or Windows 10): If you have XD documents saved as cloud documents on your desktop, you can load them onto your devices using Adobe XD on mobile. 

You can download Adobe XD for free from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Yes, for Real-time Preview via USB (available on Adobe XD Desktop for macOS and Windows 10): Adobe XD on desktop sends data from the computer to the mobile device. All changes you make to your designs or prototypes are reflected on all USB-connected mobile devices. When you disconnect the USB cable, the process stops. To see your work again on your mobile devices, you must connect the devices to the computer running the desktop app of Adobe XD.

Yes. On your mobile device, you can download Adobe XD for free from iTunes App Store for iOS (iPhones and iPads) or Google Play Store (Android phones and tablets).

You need a Creative Cloud account to download XD desktop but you need not be logged into Creative Cloud to use the mobile application.

Adobe XD on mobile is available in all countries supported by the app stores.

Use Adobe XD on mobile browser

As a reviewer, you can add comments to a shared prototype on Android or iOS mobile browsers by using the steps below: 

  1. When you open a shared prototype in Mobile,  a pinch gesture appears on the screen. Use the gesture to comment or navigate the prototype. A commenting panel appears at the bottom of the prototype. 
  2. Type the comment and tap on the plane icon to enter. 
  3. Long press on the pin in commenting panel and drag to place it anywhere in the prototype screen and add comment for a specific position. 

You can use the commenting panel to add comment, delete comment, or reply to an existing comment. You can use @mentions option for private invites. For more information on adding comments or navigating prototypes, see Working with prototypes.

When you rotate screen horizontally, the commenting feature is not supported in Mobile. A pop-up message appears on screen prompting you to rotate back to normal mode.  

Yes, you can invite collaborators from your mobile browser. Copy the private link from the desktop and open it in a mobile browser. Use the Invite option to invite collaborators. For more information, see Use private invites for web and mobile

Use Adobe XD on mobile

For more help, see Preview on mobile devices.

If you do not find what you need, email us at xdmobilefeedback@adobe.com.

Preview using Adobe XD on mobile using USB is available for documents open in Adobe XD on macOS and Windows 10. For more information, see Preview prototypes in real time on mobile devices.

  • On the XD mobile app, XD Documents screen is now renamed as Cloud Documents.
  • On the XD desktop app, all new XD documents you create are auto-saved to Creative Cloud as cloud documents to prevent loss of your work.  However, you have the option to save the document to your desktop as a non-cloud document, but the document will not auto-save.
  • Older XD documents created prior to XD version 14 must be Saved As cloud documents to be visible on the XD mobile app. You cannot move the documents to the Creative Cloud Sync folder on your desktop and convert them to new cloud documents. Instead, you must open the document in XD and Save As a cloud document.

For more information on working with cloud documents in XD, see Cloud documents in XD and Manage and work with cloud documents in XD.

To learn more about the mobile experience when working with cloud documents, check out this video.

(USB connection is available on Adobe XD on macOS and Windows 10) 

Yes. The latest previewed XD document is cached on your mobile device, so you can unplug the USB and continue working on the previewed prototype. When relaunching the XD app, switch to Live Preview and see the latest prototype.

Large documents take some time to cache after unplugging. If you are previewing a large document and unplug your phone, killing the XD app right away prevents it from properly caching the document. To preview this document later, do not kill the app immediately.

Yes. If you save your XD documents to Creative Cloud, you can download them for viewing later when offline.

  1. Open Adobe XD on your mobile device.

  2. In the XD Documents section, find the document you want to use offline and tap the ellipses (...) icon.

  3. Enable the Available Offline option.

    This option downloads the file locally and makes it accessible without an Internet connection.

When viewing a document with many artboards, after a triple tap, choose Browse Artboards to see all artboards as thumbnails for quick access. You can also search by artboard name to filter the results. Search and tap on the artboard you want to view.

From any screen, use triple tap and choose Share this Screen as Image. Adobe XD on mobile creates an image and calls the share sheet on your device, so that you can share the image using any sharing service.

Guiding the user with hotspot hints can be beneficial when testing a prototype. After using the triple tap, you can activate and deactivate hotspot hints. If hotspots are enabled, when the user taps on a non-interactive area, all the interactive areas (like buttons) are highlighted in blue, to show the areas that can be tapped.

Adobe XD for iOS works with 64-bit devices, with iOS version 11.0 or later installed. Here is a list of supported 64-bit Apple devices:

  • iPhone: XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, iPhone 5S
  • iPad: iPad (2018 and 2017), Air, Air2, mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, and iPad Pro (generations 1, 2, 3)

Adobe XD for Android works with devices that support Open GL ES 2.0, with Android 8.0 or later installed.
Adobe has tested the Adobe XD app on the following Android devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9, S10
  • Google Pixel 4,2
  • One plus 7T
  • Redmi 7

(USB connection is available only on Adobe XD on macOS and Windows 10)

There's no specific limit on the number of devices you can connect. If you decide to use a USB hub, Adobe cannot guarantee it's going to work, mainly because these hubs manage connections themselves.

(USB connection is available only on Adobe XD on macOS and Windows 10; do note that android and windows are not compatible)

Plug your mobile device using a USB cable that transfers data, launch Adobe XD on desktop and on your mobile device, and then open a project with at least one artboard.


Real-time preview via USB is available only for users using Adobe XD on macOS and Windows 10.

Currently, you cannot connect to Adobe XD on mobile wirelessly.

Yes, you can swipe regardless of interactions.

Tip: On desktop, to see all the wires at once, go to Prototype Mode and press Cmd + A (on Mac) or Ctrl + A (on Windows).

On Android, if Accessibility > Magnification is enabled, you can use two-fingers to double-tap instead of triple tapping.

Yes, it does.

Make sure that your Android device is set to transfer data through the USB port, not transfer power (charging mode). To do so, set "USB configuration" on your device to "MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)" using the following steps:

  1. Open an Adobe XD project on your computer and launch Adobe XD on your Android phone (make sure that your device is supported).

  2. Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable that transfers data; some USB cables only charge your phone.

  3. On your Android device, tap the topmost part of the screen and slide down to open the notification panel.

  4. Tap Connected as a media device or Connected as a Camera.

  5. Select Media device (MTP).

    You can change the setting at a later point in time by opening Settings > Developer Options (see how to enable Developer Options) > Networking > Select USB Configuration > MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).

When you open Adobe XD on Android for the first time and connect your device through USB, you see a pop-up window with the message Open Adobe XD when this USB accessory is connected. Tap OK for the connection to work. If you tap CANCEL, the connection does not work and you have to reinstall the app on Android or change permissions.

Yes, you can view the text transformations (uppercase, lowercase and title case), and the text strikethrough features when you preview a prototype on mobile.

Keyboard and gamepad shortcuts are not supported on XD mobile. When you preview a prototype with keyboard or gamepad keys on mobile, XD shows a dialog box showing that the keys are not supported on mobile, and you can tap to navigate through the prototype.

Mobile preview of prototype with keyboard and gamepad keys
Mobile preview of prototype with keyboard and gamepad keys

Work with cloud documents

Yes. The XD mobile app retrieves cloud documents from a destination called Cloud Documents hosted on Creative Cloud. To access your XD documents, open your XD files from the XD desktop app and save them as cloud documents. Your files appear in the XD mobile app in the Cloud Documents section. The Creative Cloud mobile app currently does not support cloud documents.

For more information, see Manage and work with cloud documents.

Adobe XD has changed the cloud sync workflow from Creative Cloud Files to Cloud Documents. The mobile app will no longer display documents saved as Creative Cloud Files.

To view cloud based documents on mobile, open those documents on Mac or Win XD 14.0 and re-save them as Cloud Documents. You can use the Shared with You tab to view the documents that have been shared with you.


For more information on Cloud Documents, see Cloud documents in XD

Designers need to open documents from XD desktop and save them as cloud documents. For more information, see Cloud documents in XD.

Windows 10

Yes; but not with Android devices.


Fonts are not transferred to your device because of any of the following reasons:

  • The font is missing on desktop.
  • Certain font vendors do not allow for the transfer, display, and distribution of their fonts.
  • Adobe XD on mobile does not support the format (for example, PostScript type 1 fonts).
  • Certain styles, weights, or glyphs from Apple’s SF Pro and SF Symbols fonts that are available on desktop might not be available on mobile.

You are responsible for ensuring that you respect the font license agreement between you and the font vendor.

Adobe has released an improved XD file format that is incompatible with older XD versions (1.2.2 and below). Update to the latest XD for iOS version (1.2.3 or above) to open all files.

The latest XD file format is incompatible with older XD versions (1.2.2 and below). Update to the latest XD for Android version (1.2.3 or above) to open all files.

Android’s Open Accessory is the protocol used to communicate with the XD app. This app limits users from tethering or file transfers. To use Adobe XD with Live Preview, select the No data transfer... option in Android’s USB Preferences.


You can provide feedback to us in the following ways:

You can influence the future of Adobe XD on desktop and on mobile! At anytime, you can suggest a feature request using the Adobe XD site on UserVoice, or upvote on existing ones. When Adobe updates the status of the feature (for example, "feature-completed"), you get an email with the update.

You can file bugs on the Adobe XD site on UserVoice, or upvote on existing ones. When Adobe updates the status of the bug (for example, "bug-fixed"), you get an email with the update.


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Adobe MAX 2024

Adobe MAX
The Creativity Conference

14–16 października, plaża Miami Beach i online

Adobe MAX

The Creativity Conference

14–16 października, plaża Miami Beach i online