Smudge tool

Learn how to smudge colors in Adobe Fresco.

Use smudge tool to blend colors in your art. Pick your choice of brush and smudge the colors in your artwork.

How to use smudge tool to enhance your artwork

Follow these steps to create a smudge effect in your artwork:

  1. Open a new document, double tap the pixel brushes  icon.
  2. Select a pixel brush and draw color patterns or lines.
  3. Double tap the Smudge tool icon  and select a brush in the Smudge brushes panel.
  4. Tune the brush settings to set a different size, for thickness and texture of the brush.
  5. Complete the details on the artwork using smudge brushes.

What's next?

We've got you started with smudge brushes in Adobe Fresco. The interface of Adobe Fresco is intuitive, so unleash your creativity with pixel brusheslive brushesvector brushescolorslayers, and more.

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