Learn about new features and enhancements in the August 2020 release of Illustrator (version 24.3).
Snap to glyph

Snap to glyph

Achieve quick and precise alignment around the boundary of live text, without the need of creating outlines or reference guides.

Text alignment

Vertical text alignment

Align text vertically in a text frame at top, bottom, center or justify positions. 

Align to font size

Font height variations

Set the font size according to the Em Box, Cap Height, x-Height or ICF Box of the text.

Align to tight bounds

Align to glyph bounds

Align objects precisely to the glyph bounds for the point and area text.

Selective unlock

Unlock objects on canvas

Unlock objects easily from the canvas using the lock icon or context menu options.

Snap to glyph

The Snap to Glyph feature lets you snap your artwork components precisely with the text or glyph bounds.

Simply choose a snapping line option and you'll see the guides when you move objects around the text. Follow these guides to snap your objects. You can also drag and snap a shape precisely with the anchor points on the text.

Snap to glyph

For more details, see Snap objects to glyph.

Align text vertically

You can now align the text in vertical direction in a text frame at the top, bottom, center, or justify positions. Simply select the text frame and choose a vertical alignment option in the Area Type text options.

Align text vertically

For more details, see Smart ways to align your text.

Font height variations

The Character panel in Illustrator now lets you set the actual font height reference. It is useful when you want to align your objects precisely with the text. 

To set the actual font height:

  1. Select the text frame using the Selection tool.
  2. Click More Options in the Character panel.
  3. Choose Show Font Height Options. The Font Height drop-down appears in Character panel.
  4. Choose a height variation option in the Font Height drop-down.
Font height variation

For more details, see Vary your font height.

Align to glyph bounds

You can now align objects precisely with the visual glyph bounds. 

  1. In the Align panel, click More Options and choose Align to Glyph Bounds for Point Text and/or Area Text.
  2. Select the object and the text using the Selection tool or press Ctrl or Command+A
  3. Choose an alignment option in the Align panel. The object will be aligned with respect to the glyph bounds. 
Align to glyphbounds

For more details, see Align to glyph bounds.

Unlock objects on canvas

Now, you can unlock objects directly from the canvas without the need to go to the Layers panel. Do one of the following: 

  • Using the lock icon: To enable this feature, set Preferences Selection & Anchor Display > Select and Unlock Objects on Canvas. A lock icon is displayed on the canvas for lock objects. Click this icon to unlock objects.
  • Right-click the locked object and choose Unlock object-name.
Unlock objects from canvas

For more details, see Unlock objects from canvas.