Closed captioning in Adobe Connect

Enable closed captions in Adobe Connect and choose caption providers.


You can integrate real-time captioning of audio content into meetings and events and present these captions in the new Closed Caption pod display. This is a key component of the Adobe Connect accessibility initiative to provide WCAG 2.1 AA compliant (including Section 508 and EN 501 349) meetings and assists participants who are deaf or hard of hearing to participate in meetings.

The Adobe Connect Closed Caption display appears in your Adobe Connect meeting environment.

Meeting organizers can hire professional captioning providers, or nominate an in-meeting captioner to transcribe the meeting audio.

The meeting participants can choose to view the captions or not, and can customize the caption font size for better readability. Each participant can change the size and placement of the floating caption display to best meet their needs.

The Participants can also scroll back to previous captions and then fast-forward to the current captions. If the host allows it, the participants can save the captions as a transcript and download them.

Enable the option. Enter a caption title such as “English” to describe the caption stream. Adobe Connect allows multiple simultaneous captions to be provided, so each stream should be clearly described.

Then choose the caption provider. If you do not choose the provider, Adobe Connect defaults to the in-meeting attendee captioning.

Enable Closed Captions

On the meeting Preferences dialog, choose the option Closed Captions.

Option to enable Closed Captions
Option to enable Closed Captions

Enable the option. Also, type the word English in the Caption title field.

Caption title
Caption title

After you click Done, the captions are available to both host and participant.

Show captions
Show captions

As and when you type the captions, the captions are visible to the participant.

The participant can position the caption anywhere. The captions stay in the same place even after the meeting layout is changed.


As a participant, change text size, apply text and background combination for visually challenged users, which enhances readability.

Click the CC menu to display or hide captions.

As a host, you can establish multple connections for participants. The participants then can choose any stream for viewing the captions.

Download captions

As a Host, you can email or download the captions.

On the main menu, click CC > Export > Download or Email.

Save the transcripts in your computer or email the transcripts.

Nominate a captioner

As a host, you can nominate someone else to take over your captioning duties. Anyone can become a captioner.

You can change a captioner halfway through and even continue from where the first captioner had left off.

The Host can come back later and take over as captioner. 

Create caption provider

There can be multiple captioning providers and have different people captioning simultaneously.

The participants can now switch between multiple captioning.

Select one person as English captioner and another as Spanish captioner.

Multiple caption providers
Multiple caption providers

View captions in a recording

Choose an in-meeting captioner and start recording the meeting room. With the recording on, you can type the captions and the participants can view the captions.

After you stop the recording and view it later, you will see that the recording contains the captions. 

As a participant, you can launch the CC menu at the bottom of the recording. Using the menu options, you can:

  • Hide or show captions.
  • Choose caption language.
  • Modify caption text size and color.
  • Move captions.

Delete caption provider

To delete a caption provider, click the Delete provider button, as shown below:

Delete caption provider
Delete caption provider

As a participant, you can no longer change captions to Spanish.

StreamText as caption provider

Choose StreamText as caption provider.

Before using the service, you must generate a StreamText token. To generate the token, CC menu > English- Copy StreamText API Token.

Send the token to StreamText during the session in the following format:

/domain of the account/service/ccsvc/?token=<token to be sent to StreamText>

Once the information is verified, StreamText can send the captions.

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