Encoding log file

The encoding log file is a plain-text file that contains a record of all files that were queued for encoding, whether successfully completed or not. The encoding status of each file you encode is appended to the end of the file (placing the newest entry at the end of the file). The log file adds entries until you manually clear them. To clear log file entries, open the file in a text editor, select all of the entries, delete them, and save the empty file using the default filename (AMEEncodingLog.txt).

The log file is stored in the following location:

  • Windows 7 & 8: C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder\8.0\AMEEncodingLog.txt
  • Mac OS: /Users/[user]/Documents/Adobe/Adobe Media Encoder/8.0/AMEEncodingLog.txt

To view the log file, choose File > Show Log or press Ctrl + L.

There are two log files:

  • AMEEncodingLog.txt: for successfully encoded jobs.

  • AMEEncodingErrorLog.txt: for jobs that failed, or were stopped by the user.

Error log file

The log files, and error log files are stored in the same location as the Adobe Media Encoder files.

To view the error log file, choose File > Show Errors.

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