Query client machines to check if a package is deployed

A package ID uniquely identifies a package. You can later query the client machines to check if a particular package is deployed on them or not.

  • Mac: Use Terminal to run the following command to query the installed packages:

pkgutil --packages --volume / | grep <PackageID>

  • Windows: Use the registry to query the client machines with the package ID.
  1. Click Start > Run. In the Open box, type regedt32 and click OK

  2. In the Registry Editor, click Edit > Find.

  3. In the Find dialog, enter the package ID and click Find Next.

  4. If the package ID exists on the client machine, it is returned under the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall 

If you are using Microsoft SCCM, you can also remotely query the clients for the package IDs in two ways:

  • By extending the hardware inventory schema to gather registry key values
  • By using Desired Configuration Manager (DCM) to map the amount of clients with this registry key and package ID

Package ID is available for packages created using CCP 1.8. Package ID is also available for packages created using CCP 1.7 and then modified with CCP 1.8. If, however, you modified a CCP1.7 package using CCP 1.7, even if you modify it later with CCP 1.8, package ID will be available only in the Deployment panel and not in the client machine where the package is deployed.


We recommend that you use the MSI to uninstall a package and not use the product code present in the registry entry.


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