Desktop basics

Use the Desktop view to find and load footage. You can navigate to folders with image sequences, movie files, or RAW file formats. Thumbnails of the files are displayed in the Desktop view.

Show or hide the Desktop view

Press the D key.

Navigate to a folder

To navigate to a folder on your hard disk or network, use the breadcrumb control at the top.

Folder breadcrumbs
Navigate with folder breadcrumbs

You can also browse to a folder with the file browser on the left.


You can adjust the size of thumbnails by dragging the Thumbnail Size slider.

Filter the files in the Desktop view

If you have many files, you can filter them to display only the files with a specific filename extension or files starting with specific characters.

  • To show or hide files, enter the filtering criteria in the text box in the upper right. Use the asterisk character (*) as a wildcard character.

For example, to display only files R3D filename extensions, enter *.R3D.

Refresh the Desktop view

Click the Refresh button. Refreshing the view is useful if you updated files while SpeedGrade was running.