Load footage

Load items

Add items to the Timeline as follows.

  • Navigate to the item in Desktop view, then double-click the thumbnail. You can also drag an item to the Timeline.
  • Repeat the process to add more items. Each item is placed after the last item on the Timeline.

Load multiple items at once

Loading multiple items at once is useful when loading RAW data for creating dailies to create a virtual lab reel.

  1. In Desktop view, browse to the folder with the items you want to add to the Timeline.

  2. Click Add All on the lower-right side of the Desktop.

    Add All button

SpeedGrade adds all the files to the Timeline in order of appearance.

Insert items between clips

  1. Drag the thumbnail from the Desktop view to the position on the Timeline where you’d like to place it.
  2. When a highlighted red line appears at the desired location, release the mouse button.