Adobe Sign - Page Presentation

The Adobe Sign Page Presentation feature is available to team, business, and enterprise levels of service

Feature description

The Page Presentation feature allows users that have wide screen options to fully utilize the browser width.

When the feature is enabled, the Dashboard and Manage pages fill the browser from edge to edge.

How it's used

Once the feature is enabled, all users in the account inherit the property immediately, and will see the page size as they adjust browser width.




In addition to filling the wide screen browser, there are two additional changes to the Manage page.

The tools panel in the lower-right section of the page has had the tabs moved from the right of the panel to the top:


To better support mobile devices, the Manage page now collapses the tools panel if the page is too narrow.

A small tab is exposed allowing the tools panel to pop-out into the visible space, and be retracted, returning to the listings view.

Configuration options

There are no options beyond enabling/disabling the feature.

How to enable or disable

The Page Presentation feature can only be adjusted at the Account level by the Adobe Sign Account Admin.

Group level adjustment is not permitted.


The setting can be adjusted by navigating to: Account > Account Settings > Global Settings > Adobe Sign Page Presentation


This setting does not impact the ability for Adobe Sign to reflow on mobile devices.  That functionality persists regardless as to if Page Presentation is enabled or not.

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