PDFs converted to web pages

Links and bookmarks in web pages

You can work with a PDF document created from web pages the same way you work with any other PDF. Depending on how you configured Acrobat, clicking a link on a converted web page adds the page for that link to the end of the PDF, if it isn’t already included.


Remember that one web page can become multiple PDF pages. A web page is a single topic (or URL) from a website and is often one continuous HTML page. When you convert a web page to PDF, it may be divided into multiple standard-size PDF pages.

When you first create a PDF from web pages, tagged bookmarks are generated if Create Bookmarks is selected in the Web PageConversion Settings dialog box. A standard (untagged) bookmark representing the web server appears at the top of the Bookmarks tab. Under that bookmark is a tagged bookmark for each web page downloaded; the tagged bookmark’s name comes from the page’s HTML title or the URL, if no title is present. Tagged web bookmarks are initially all at the same level, but you can rearrange them and nest them in family groups to help keep track of the hierarchy of material on the web pages.

If Create PDF Tags is selected when you create a PDF from web pages, structure information that corresponds to the HTML structure of the original pages is stored in the PDF. You can use this information to add tagged bookmarks to the file for paragraphs and other items that have HTML elements.

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