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Find issues fixed in the latest release of Bridge.

This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed each release. To report an issue, submit your issue on the feedback site.

For a summary of features introduced in Bridge, see the New features summary.

August 2022 (version 12.0.3) release

This release also provides fixes for several crash issues and many security updates. To learn more about security updates, check out Adobe Security Bulletin for Bridge.

May 2022 (version 12.0.2) release

January 2022 (version 12.0.1) release

This release also provides fixes for several crash issues and a number of security updates. To learn more about security updates, check out Adobe Security Bulletin for Bridge.

October 2021 (version 12.0) release

  • [Windows] Bridge does not free memory after editing files in ACR.
  • Context menu option to browse a folder in Bridge is missing in Windows Explorer.
  • Photo Downloader does not remember previous settings.
  • [macOS] Unable to open Adobe Media Encoder/Adobe Premiere Pro projects using the tools menu and place option.
  • [macOS ARM] Browse in Bridge from InDesign/InCopy launches Creative Cloud Desktop app.
  • PNG files do not display tagged color profiles in Bridge.
  • The following error occurs while importing files from a camera.
    Error: Adobe Bridge CC cannot obtain files from this device. Please be sure the device is properly plugged in, and the battery is full charged 
  • The option to return to Adobe Animate in Bridge appears as Return to Adobe Flash, and the option does not work.
  • Sidecar association breaks on file operations for files with the same name but different extensions and same sidecars names.
  • Browse in Bridge in Substance 3D Painter and Substance 3D Sampler does not find the file if the file has non-ASCII characters.
  • This release also provides fixes for several crash issues.
  • This release also provides a number of security updates. To learn more, check out Adobe Security Bulletin for Bridge.

August 2021 (version 11.1.1) release

June 2021 (version 11.1) release

April 2021 (version 11.0.2) release

  • Error "We cannot verify your subscription status" on launch.
  • High CPU usage observed by few users with default preview generation setting (Always generate - High quality). The preview generation settings have been modified to handle this issue. For recommended settings, see Specify thumbnail quality
  • (Mac only) Bridge crashes on Apple M1 computer while clicking multiple times on video progress bar.
  • Video controls do not appear in preview and video scrubbing does not work in certain scenarios.
  • This release also provides a number of security updates. To learn more, check out Adobe Security Bulletin for Bridge.

January 2021 (version 11.0.1) release

October 2020 (version 11.0) release

  • (Mac only) Unable to go back to previous the image using Shift + Tab keys while in the Filmstrip view in Bridge.
  • (Mac only) Error in Export panel default string that reads "Drag and Drop images on preset to export".
  • Color management is not working for embedded color profile with png files.
  • Unable to quit Bridge after Batch Rename action with duplicate files created in collection.
  • Unable to display thumbnails of RAW files in collection after Bridge relaunch.
  • Full screen previews of RAW files appear pixelated.
  • (Win only) Unable to use left/right arrow keys to toggle between selected image thumbnails several times on Windows 10.
  • Color Management broken for transparent psd images while generating 100% previews and above.
  • Unable to rearrange panels by dragging and dropping on the right side in Bridge.

July 2020 (version 10.1.1) release

Security updates. To learn more, check out Adobe Security Bulletin for Bridge.

June 2020 (version 10.1) release

  • (Mac only) Unable to generate thumbnail and preview for BMP/GIF if the file name or folder name contains localized characters.
  • The queue is not displayed in the progress dialog if the Export Progress dialog is first launched and then files are dragged to the export preset.
  • (Mac only) While deleting RAW files, corresponding XMP files are also deleted with a lag of 1/1.5 second. 
  • "Exporting" status continues to be displayed in the export panel even after the export job is finished if you switch your Bridge workspace during export.
  • If Custom Export has some export job in progress and some additional files are also dragged to Custom Export, then the export settings of the existing job are reset.

April 2020 (version 10.0.4) release

February 2020 release (version 10.0.3)

  • Full screen preview of RAW files is pixelated in a certain scenario.
  • (Mac only) Fix for crash with Tree Shade extension.
  • Licensing updates.

January 2020 release (version 10.0.2)

  • (Mac only) Bridge crashes on latest macOS Catalina (10.15).

December 2019 release (version 10.0.1)

  • Embedded color profile not being honored for certain PSD files.
  • (Mac only) Color difference in preview and thumbnail of an image in the Preview panel as compared to the Content panel.

November 2019 release (version 10.0)

  • Bridge 9.1 doesn't auto-advance to the next image on performing delete action.
  • Improved performance for browsing files on a network.
  • (Mac only) Animated After Effects presets, .GIF, and .FFX files don't animate and crash Bridge.
  • Bridge displays blurry images in case of full-screen previews.
  • Entire file list reloads when deleting files and batch renaming.
  • Cannot eject disk if browsed through Bridge once and later, even though Bridge isn't using disk.
  • Canceling move operation results in the deletion of files.
  • Smart collection not working in Bridge.
  • Folder list collapses if files are accessed on a network drive.
  • Context menu does not load and Bridge does not respond when attempting an operation on multiple files.
  • ACR edits are lost during Batch rename.
  • Regeneration of cache for Raw files when Bridge is launched.
  • Inconsistent behavior of Favorites panel for same name folders.
  • Cropped images changes in Camera Raw are not reflected correctly in exported PDFs.
  • Multiple "today" in the Filter tab when left open for more than a day.
  • Workspaces distorted in case of an abnormal exit.
  • Scripting APIs fixes for - app.preferences.ImageBackdrop, app.preferences.PermittedStartupScripts, app.preferences.ColorTheme.
  • Bridge unable to preview some PNG files after move operation through Bridge.
  • Cannot open all selected files when performing Shift + Double-click.

June 2019 release (version 9.1)

  • Fixed many workflow issues, such as copy-paste-move issues, related to Stacks.
  • Fixed image color saturation issues, resulting in the image to appear red in parts when exported as PDF using the Output workspace.
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