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Liquify tool | Add effects to your artwork

Use the Liquify tool to transform and add effects to your Fresco artwork.

The Liquify tool in Fresco is a transform tool that allows you to modify pixel layers by pushing and pulling the layers in any direction. You can liquify only one layer at a time.

For example, you want to transform the shape of the magical sphere in the image below. The Liquify tool lets you modify the sphere and add any effects to alter its appearance.

Read on to learn how to use the liquify tool to enhance your artwork.

Add effects to the magic sphere and transform its appearance

How to use the Liquify tool

To transform and add effects to your artwork with the Liquify tool, follow these steps:

  1. Open your artwork in Fresco and double-tap the Transform icon in the toolbar.  

  2. Tap the Liquify icon from the drop-down options and select any of the following liquify effects for your artwork.

    Use Warp to adjust the shape of an object.

    Use Reconstruct to reverse any distortion added.

    Use Smooth to smoothen the appearance of an object.

    Use Twirl to change the direction of the twirl.

    Use Pucker to shrink the selected area.

    Use Bloat to magnify the selected area.

    Use Push to adjust the size of an object.

Play this small animation to see the Liquify effects in action.

How to modify your artwork with the Liquify tool

To modify your artwork further after applying the Liquify effects, in the Tool Options area of the dialog box, select any of the following filters:

  • Brush Size: Helps distort the image by adjusting the width of the brush.
  • Brush Density: Controls how a brush feathers at the edge.
  • Brush Pressure: Sets the speed at which distortions are made while dragging a tool.
  • Brush Rate: Sets the speed at which distortions are applied when keeping a tool (such as the Twirl tool) stationary.

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