Learn about the user interface, gestures, touch shortcut, settings, and how to get started with Adobe Fresco.

Your best resource for getting started with the user interface of Adobe Fresco is this video we have created for you. Download Adobe Fresco, launch the app, and watch the video as you try the different tools to draw and paint. You will also find short, helpful videos for the tools right within the app.

Keep this article handy. You will find information about the core workflow, the workspace, and settings. 

Create a document

Each artwork is a document in Adobe Fresco. Tap on Create new on your Home screen to start drawing on a blank canvas.

Adobe Fresco gives you many different print and digital layouts to choose from. You can also specify and save your own custom size and orientation.

Import and open a document

On your Home screen, tap on Import and open to work on an existing PSD document or project created with Adobe Sketch or Adobe Draw. You can import large Photoshop files (.PSB) into Fresco. 

Get to know the document workspace

When you open a document, you get all your drawing and painting tools and other helpful controls right there in the workspace.

Adobe Fresco workspace when a document is open
Adobe Fresco document workspace with A) icons for commonly required actions on the title bar B) the toolbar and C) the Taskbar

Icons on the title bar

Use these icons to quickly go to the Home screen, undo, get help, open the Share workspace, access document and app settings, and make your canvas full-screen.


Access all your brushes, selection tools, and color tools from the toolbar. You will also find the Move tool and the Eraser tool here. See Pixel brushes, Live brushes, and Vector brushes.


The Taskbar has all the controls to work with layers. Tap on the icons at the top of the Taskbar to open the Layers panel and find the layer actions. See Layers and Layer masks.

Watch this video to see how you can use the different Adobe Fresco tools and controls to change parts of a drawing.

Transform tool Use this tool you can also achieve very small or precise transformations of layers or selections. 

Use nudge in transform tool to get precision with your artwork
Use nudge in transform tool to get precision with your artwork

You can use nudge on the canvas by tapping on it in any direction and move the object one pixel at a time. Move the selected transform in 8 directions such as side-to-side, up-and-down, and diagonal. 

When you hold down the touch shortcut and move, the transform box moves 10 pixels in the desired direction.


Keyboard shortcuts

Fresco supports keyboard shortcuts. Use common and consistent keyboard shortcuts across Fresco and Photoshop on iPad. 

Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts

You can access the list of keyboard shortcuts using one of the following steps: 

  • Open a document and tap Help icon at the upper-right corner of the Adobe Fresco workspace and select Keyboard shortcuts
  • Open a document and tap on the Settings  icon, tap App settings. In App settings dialog, tap Help > Keyboard shortcuts


In-app profile name and avatar editing is not available in Adobe Fresco 1.1 on Windows. For more information, see Adobe Fresco on Windows

Save a document

Adobe Fresco automatically syncs your documents to your Creative Cloud account. The Cloud icon in the upper-right corner of the workspace indicates whether or not you are connected.

Tap on the Cloud documents tab in the left navigation section of your Home screen to view and manage your Adobe Fresco documents. 

The icon in each document thumbnail indicates the sync status of the document or if the document is offline.

Adobe Fresco documents with different icons to show synced, syncing in progress, and offline. The screen also shows the pop-up menu with document managements options like Make available offline
Icons in the document thumbnails indicate that the documents are A. synced B. offline, and C. being synced. D. Options for managing a document

From the More Options pop-up for each document, you can perform document management actions, such as rename, export, duplicate, and delete. You can make a document available offline if you want to access it at all times.

Adobe Fresco keeps your deleted documents for 30 days. 

Customize document settings

Open a document and tap on the Settings  icon to view and customize the document settings.

  • Tap on the document name in the Settings panel to rename the document.
  • Change the angle for rotation snapping.
  • Flip or rotate the canvas.
  • Disable or enable the touch shortcut.

Customize Adobe Fresco settings

Tap on the Settings  icon in the upper-right corner of the Adobe Fresco workspace to view and customize the app settings.

Under General > Interface:

  • Select Right from the Toolbar drop-down list to move the toolbar to the right of the canvas if you like left-handed drawing.
  • Choose a dark or light color theme for the interface.

Under General > Quick Export Settings:

  • Choose PNG, PSD, or PDF as the default file format for quick export (instead of JPG).

Under Input > Apple Pencil:

  • Set the pressure sensitivity of your stylus.
  • Set the default action for a double-tap with your Apple Pencil.

Under Input > Touch:

  • Customize finger settings and touch shortcut settings.

Under Account:

Under HelpLearn:

  • Tap on View gestures.  You can also view the supported gestures by tapping on the Help  icon while working on your artwork.
  • Tap on Touch shortcut to view a mapping of tools and touch shortcuts. You can also access this information by tapping on the Help icon while working on your artwork.

Under Help > Support:

  • Tap on Suggest a feature to share your ideas for features and to browse and vote for ideas that you like. We would love to hear your ideas about making Adobe Fresco better.
  • Save support logs to help troubleshoot any problem you face with Adobe Fresco.

Get inspiration from Behance

Tap on the Discover tab on your Home screen to see a variety of artwork created with Adobe Fresco. Tap on the videos to see streams created by artists showcasing their workflow in the app.


You cannot browse Fresco artwork on Behance in Fresco 1.1 on Windows. As a workaround, you can browse this content using Behance on the web: https://www.behance.net/live/adobe-fresco or https://www.behance.net/galleries/Fresco

For more information, see Features supported on Windows

Report a bug

If you find any bugs while working with the Fresco app, you can now report a bug from within the app. 

  • Open a document, tap on the Help  icon, and, tap Report a bug.
  • Alternatively, you can open a document and tap on the Settings  icon and tap App settings. In the App settings panel, tap About on the left navigation section and tap Report a bug. 

When you tap on Report a bug, an email composer opens, enabling you to compose a mail and send to frescohelp@adobe.com. You can attach your findings to the mail and send to us.

If you haven't configured your email client already, you get a message prompting you to configure. 

Have a question or an idea?

If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Fresco Community. We would love to hear from you and see your creations.