Candid Moments

If you have a video captured for an event, you have all the memories (in the form of photos and videos) in that video clip. Candid Moments automatically extracts candid photos from your raw video clip. It uses content intelligence to automatically identify and extract good quality, in focus photo moments. You can also manually add or remove candid photo moments. Once you have extracted all the candid photo moments, you can save to your computer, export to the timeline, or create a slideshow. You can use it for one or more clips from any event, be it a birthday party, school game, dance performance, or skiing trip.

Auto-extract candid moments

  1. Click Add media to import one or more raw video clips, that you want to work with, in the Quick or Expert view.

  2. Select Candid Moments from the Tools panel.


    You can use Candid Moments to extract candid photo moments from multiple clips in one go.

    Candid Moments

  3. Click Auto Extract to automatically extract candid moments from the clips.

    Auto Extract

    Adobe Premiere Elements analyses the clips and extracts candid moments from raw video clips.

  4. The extracted candid moments are added to the right panel. Click individual thumbnails to view the extracted moments.

    Extracted moments

    The extracted moments are also marked in the timeline.

    Extracted moments in the timeline

Manually extract candid moments

After extracting the moments automatically, if there are some moments that are not yet extracted, you can extract those moments manually.

  1. Move the current time indicator (CTI) in the timeline to the moment that you want to extract manually.

  2. Click  on the (CTI) to extract the moment.

  3. The candid moment is extracted and added to the list in the right panel.

Delete extracted candid moments

  1. Select the candid moment, that you want to delete, in the right panel.

  2. Click in the upper-right corner of the thumbnail.

    Delete extracted photos

Candid Moments options


Drag the slider to increase or decrease the number of extracted moments.

Export To Desktop

Use this option to export all the extracted moments to a folder in your system.

Create Slideshow

Use this option to export all the extracted moments to Elements Organizer and create a slideshow.

Export To Timeline

Use this option to export all the extracted moments to the end of timeline.


Use this option to remove all the extracted moments.

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