Double exposure- Guided Edit

What is the Double Exposure?

Double exposure is a combination of two exposures in one image or video to produce evocative results by superimposing them. Use this edit in PRE to add a video within a photo and create projects that are dramatic and engrossing.

How will my videos look with this effect?

Here are a few examples of videos with Double Exposure effect applied to them.

Video with the photo Leaf used to create Double Exposure.

Video with the photo Alpine-forest used to create Double Exposure.

Video with the photo Lady used to create Double Exposure.

Video with Bokeh used to create Double Exposure.

How to apply Double Exposure?

Start by importing the silhouette photo

A screenshot of the photos category under Graphics

Select Guided > Fun Edits > Double Exposure . Now in the Right Panel, click on the Graphics icon to choose a photo from the Photo category. If you wish to use your own assets, choose Add Media or Project Assets. Note that you can only select one photo.

Drag-and-drop the photo on the track Video 1 in the Timeline.


Import and add your video clip

Screenshot of the Add Media and Project Assets window to import media

Click Add Media to add a new video clip. If you have already imported the clip, select Project Assets to choose it. Ensure you only add one video clip.

Drag-and-drop the video clip to the Video 2 track on the Timeline at Playhead position.

Match duration

Now to match the duration of the photo to the video, click the right edge of the photo on Video 1 track and drag it to match the duration of the clip on Video 2 track.

Drag the photo to match the duration of the video

Change the Blend Mode

Click on the Applied Effects icon on the right panel. Now click on Blend Mode dropdown and select one of the mode according to your preference. We recommend you to try different blend modes for different effects.

Choose from different Blend Mode options available in the drop-down

Apply adjustments and effects

The Guided Edit will now prompt you to adjust the exposure of the photo on video Track 1. Click on exposure and select one the presets. Similarly you can also change brightness and contrast of the photo.

Apply one of the Exposure presents by clicking on it

Choose a present to be applied to your video

Select Temperature and Tint to apply one of the presets and make your video look different in double exposure.

Click play to see the final result. To export the final output, select File > Export and Share. For information about various exports and share options available, see Export and share your videos.

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