Use this document to see the list of bug fixes in the Premiere Pro CC 2017 (November 2016) Release

Bug fixes related to proxy support

Issue Status
When you use the Ingest Copy option, Premiere Pro copies only the reference file which results in an offline clip and proxy failure Fixed 
When you use the Create Multi-Cam Sequence command, Premiere Pro could initiate an ingest process Fixed 
Search function does not work as expected when you work with proxy media Fixed 
Interpret Footage changes are sometimes not correctly applied to Proxy and/or Hi-Res media Fixed 
Clip>Clip Speed/Duration is disabled for clips with offline full resolution, but works with online proxy. Fixed 
When you use the Paste and Duplicate option in the Project panel Premiere Pro could initiate an ingest process. Fixed 

Bug fixes related to import

Issue Status
Importing MXF media with non ASCII AS-11 metadata could lead to a crash  Fixed
Turning layers on and off using dynamically linked After Effects compositions could lead to a crash Fixed
Importer errors / async timeouts for MPEG MOV files  Fixed
Some ProRes .mov files are imported as audio-only, without video Fixed
Some QuickTimes files get imported as audio-only on a machine that does not have QT installed Fixed

Bug fixes related to audio

Issue Status
Audio channel bleed and intermittent distortion sometimes seen when you track pan a stereo clip remapped to two stereo clips Fixed
Memory allocations get ignored when conforming audio files which could cause a crash Fixed
Flattening multicam sequences and the clip that has audio effects applied to the source audio could cause a crash Fixed
QuickTime growing files waveforms sometimes get constantly regenerated and are never saved Fixed
Warnings about 'audio missing' appear in console and audio drop-outs get heard  Fixed
Certain cases when creating proxies transcode to the wrong number of audio channels and also auto-attach the proxy file  Fixed
Using the razor tool to cut audio inside a multi-cam source sequence could cause the waveforms of the nested multicam clip to display incorrectly and partially disappear Fixed
Audio sometimes missing when rendering at 50% using Sequence>Render>In to Out Fixed
ProRes files recorded with Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q could have distorted audio Fixed
No audio sometimes heard on playback after applying the Clip>Clip Speed/Duration>Maintain Audio Pitch setting with a speed change Fixed
At low audio card buffer settings, playing and scrubbing silent areas of audio could cause noise Fixed
Audio could play repeatedly instead of the correct audio when using the Clip>Clip Speed/Duration>Maintain Audio Pitch setting  Fixed

Bug fixes related to playback and rendering

Issue Status
When using SDI Transmit image in 720p 59.95 playback with scaled image composited, occasional stuttered playback and freezes could occur  Fixed
Rendering issues with masks/blur encountered when using ProRes as preview files Fixed
Poor playback performance could occur with PQ encoded RGB 444 12 bit J2K MXF Fixed
Artifacts get rendered sometimes when using the Blacks control to adjust black areas on HEVC (H.265)media Fixed
GPU accelerated playback of H264 media on Windows is slower occasionally Fixed
Waveforms are sometimes drawn scrambled in MXF growing files Fixed

Miscellaneous bug fixes

Issue Status
Premiere Pro UI could freeze occasionally when using control surfaces to control Lumetri color wheels  Fixed
Placing a Red Giant Magic Bullet effect on a clip within the timeline could cause a crash Fixed
Issues related to situations where it is not possible to get out of the full-screen mode in Source and Program monitors after playback  Fixed

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