Learn how to return your non-subscription Adobe product or exchange it for a different platform or language.


Adobe cannot cancel non-subscription product orders. However, you can request a return for the order.

How to return your non-subscription product

Step 1: Check that your product is eligible for return

Any non-subscription product purchased directly from Adobe may be returned within 30 days of receipt. 

The following products are not eligible for return:

  • Any Adobe product purchased from any seller other than Adobe may be returned only to the seller, in accordance with that seller's return policy, if any.
  • Products obtained through an employee purchase program.
  • Not-for-resale (NFR), pirated, OEM bundled, trial, or free-of-charge products.
  • Fonts purchased through Adobe Fonts Marketplace.
  • Products purchased from individuals, resellers, or online auction sites (such as eBay or Amazon Marketplace).
  • Products, or versions of products, that Adobe no longer distributes or supports.

Step 2: Request a return

How did you buy your Adobe product?

Adobe accepts returns within 30 days of receipt. It usually takes 2-3 days after you have placed an order for it to be eligible for return. Before you return a product, you must:

  1. Register the product serial number.
  2. Deactivate the product.
  3. Uninstall the product.

Contact us to request a return.

Note: If you purchased directly from Adobe using a bank transfer, you'll have to provide bank details to complete your refund request.

Understand refund timelines

Adobe processes refunds within 5–7 business days. However, the funds could take longer to show on your account depending on the payment method used.

A confirmation email is sent when the refund is complete. If you have online access to your credit account, your refund could appear earlier than on a paper statement.

How to exchange your non-subscription product

You cannot change an order once it has been processed. You can, however, return a product or swap platforms or languages.