Administrators can use command-line options to install the Adobe Connect application for desktop across multiple systems in their organization.

To attend an Adobe Connect session, you can use the Adobe Connect application for desktop for Adobe Connect 9 and later. The IT departments can deploy these clients for Hosts, Presenters, and participants across their organizations using silent installation method.

Deploy Adobe Connect application for desktop using MSI

The IT administrators can use Microsoft SCCM to deploy the application using MSI across all machines in their organizations.

The MSI installer is available on the Downloads and Updates page. The installer supports /l option for logging. For more information, see command-line options at MSDN.

Once the application is deployed, the users must log out and relogin for the application to be available for use.


If you are an individual user, directly download the relevant application installer from the Downloads and Updates page. Do not use the MSI installer.

Silently install Adobe Connect 8 add-in using command line

Adobe Connect versions earlier than version 9.0 continue to work using the old add-in. The IT administrators can deploy the old add-in across multiple machines in their organizations using a silent, command-line installation method.

  1. Download the add-in archive from the Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates page and extract the Setup.exe file on your system.

  2. On the command prompt, navigate to the Setup.exe file.

  3. Execute the setup.exe with one of the following command line parameter.

    • /SP: Disables the 'This will install….. Do you wish to Continue?' prompt at the beginning
      of the setup and continue with the setup Wizard directly.
    • /SILENT: Displays the progress bar indicating the installation progress only to the user.
    • /VERYSILENT: Displays neither the installation wizard nor the progress bar. It installs the add-in silently.

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