Features summary | After Effects (May 2022 and April 2022 releases)

Separated Dimensions preference

May 2022 release

New Separated Dimensions preference
New Separated Dimensions preference

When enabled, the Default Position Properties to Separated Dimensions preference (available in Preferences > General) automatically separates the Position property into X, Y and Z when a layer is created. 

Native Apple silicon support

April 2022 release

After Effects Apple Silicon support

After Effects allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies, including new Apple silicon machines. Experience shorter launch times, improved UI responsiveness, and faster rendering on Apple M1 devices.

For more information, see:

Frame.io integration

April 2022 release

Frame.io with After Effects

Frame.io is now built into After Effects. You can log in to Frame.io inside After Effects using your Adobe ID. You can access review and approval with Frame.io within After Effects in the new Review workspace. You can now share work in progress and receive feedback without leaving your composition. Frame.io for Creative Cloud includes 100 GB of Frame.io cloud storage, up to five projects, unlimited reviewers, file sharing, and Camera to Cloud with support for uploading via Teradek, Atomos, and Filmic Pro.

For more information, see:

3D Extended Viewer

April 2022 release

Before enabling Extended Viewer After enabling Extended Viewer

Move the slider to see the how the content shows outside the composition frame with and without Extended Viewer

The Extended Viewer extends real-time 3D draft previews beyond the composition's frame boundaries. See what your off-camera 3D content contains, then bring it into the scene with ease. Hide or dim the area beyond the frame to get a look at your final shot.

For more information, see Extended Viewer.

Scene Edit Detection

April 2022 release

Powered by Adobe Sensei, automatically detect scene changes in an edited clip and create markers at edit points or split scenes into individual layers for faster project setup.

For more information, see Detect edit points using Scene Edit Detection.

Binning indicators for 3D layers

April 2022 release

Binning Indicators for 3D Layers show which 3D layers render together in the same 3D space, enabling them to intersect and cast shadows on each other. This gives you a visual map of how After Effects composites 2D and 3D layers together.

For more information, see Binning indicators for 3D layers.

Coach marks

April 2022 release

coach marks
Coach mark for the Review workspace

After Effects automatically displays Coach marks when you launch After Effects for the first time after installing or updating it. They provide short descriptions about the different functionalities within After Effects. In this release, Coach marks are available for:

  • Frame.io: Displays on first launch to let you know where the new Review workspace is.
  • Binning UI: Points to the new UI when you create or modify a 3D bin in your workflow.

Constrained shapes

April 2022 release

Now create perfect squares and circles more easily by holding the Shift key when you double click the Rectangle or Ellipse tool. This enables you to create commonly-used Shapes quickly and efficiently.

Now in After Effects (Beta)

Color keyframes

Like assigning colors to Markers, you can now assign colors to keyframes in your composition. This helps in smooth organization and makes it easy to find important parts of your animation by creating a visual separation of keyframes in the Timeline.

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