Project does not open in After Effects version 17.0.1

Projects saved in After Effects version 17.0.1 won’t reopen, and show an error dialog with “missing data in file (33::4)".


After Effects projects saved in AE 17.0.1 that contain Rotoscoping data do not re-open in After Effects 17.0.1.


After Effects 17.0.1 modified the project format to solve a number of issues with master properties when used with pseudo-effects. When a project is opened with rotoscoping data, the data is not found in the expected location and the entire project fails to load.

Does it impact me?

It can impact you if you have installed After Effects 17.0.1, have a comp or layer with rotoscoping data, and have saved the project in this version.


The After Effects project format in 17.0.1 is backwards compatible with version 17.0 and version 16.1.3. If you run into this missing data issue, try uninstalling 17.0.1, and install 17.0 (or 16.1.3). The project file will then open with all rotoscoping data still available.


The rotoscoping data is not lost when saved with version 17.0.1, it just remains at its original place in the project file which 17.0 will read without issue.


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