The following is a list of feature enhancements and issues resolved in RoboHelp and subsequent patch releases.

Check the RoboHelp forum for solutions, workarounds, or any late-breaking information.

Fixed Issues


  1. RoboHelp crashes on start under macOS Big Sur. (Ref - 8361)


  1. When using the CSS editor, changes to table cell settings like border style, padding, alignment etc. are not getting saved. (Ref - 8325)

Source control

  1. RoboHelp reverts to the Master branch upon program launch is fixed for Git/ GitHub source control options.(Ref - 8353)


  1. Links to bookmarks on the same page in PDF do not work. (Ref - 8346)
  2. Inline CSS background images are not visible in PDF output due to issue with paths. (Ref - 8344)
  3. If any term is searched within a long string in Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs, the text in the summary is not wrapped. (Ref - 8340)
  4. Selecting the "Use lowercase file names" option in Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs removes breadcrumbs from the search results. (Ref - 8345)
  5. Change in project language from Project settings is not getting applied to Responsive HTML5 and Frameless outputs. (Ref - 8333)
  6. YouTube URL is not showing up in the Microcontent JSON output. (Ref - 8326)
  7. When linking an external file directly in TOC as a baggage file, the file is not copied in the output. (Ref - 8321)
  8. Search results for a long string in a topic get truncated in the search results window. (Ref - 8288)


  1. Force sync does not update the file content in the child project. (Ref - 8338)


  1. If in a topic some tag has style attribute having multiple props then missing semicolon (;) leads to that topic missing in the output. (Ref - 8330)

Feature enhancements

More Index options

You can now assign/change the display name of the topic with bookmark associated with index term from the Properties dialog in the context menu or from the Properties panel of the topic.

For more information, see Create and manage an index.

report enhancements

In the External References report, you can now order by either Link or Topic. Order by Link (default) option is added to check which all topics are linked from one particular link.

For more information, see Generate reports.

recent files menu options

"Go to File" in the File menu is renamed as "Recent Files" option (Alt+Ctrl+F). It shows the list of files recently opened in the Project apart from the capability to search for files.

switch branch in git

While working on a project, you may need to work on different working copy of the project in parallel, going from one branch to another all the time. You can now switch branches easily on Git by choosing Collaborate > Switch Branch

For more information, see Collaborate using Git.

use the new import settings feature

Select Import Settings from the home page to import the settings from RoboHelp 2019 (New UI, not the Classic version), which includes Application Preferences, Connection Profiles, Publish Profiles, Dialog and Panel Sizes, Scripts, and User Dictionaries.


This is applicable to the users who are moving from RH2019 and now installing RH2020 Update 2.

use the enhanced translation feature

Added Assets tab in the translation management editor to manage all the assets files like .css, png, jpeg, js, mp4 etc. between the master project and the child projects. The Assets tab lists all the extra files which are not sent for translation and are also not part of Topic, Author or Output tabs. The total number of exported and imported topics are also now displayed on the Translation confirmation dialog box.

For more information, see Translating content to multiple languages.

publish RHS output from the command line

You can now publish Adobe RoboHelp projects to Adobe RoboHelp Server using the below command line.

Robohelp.exe --cl "C:\Latte.rhpj" -o "My Responsive Output" -l "C:\logfile.html" -p "C:\outputfolder" -u -s "publish_profile_name"

-u parameter is for publishing. (publishing gets priority over the generation).

-s for publishing to a particular publish profile(eg. -s "publish_profile_name"). If not provided, publishing is done to the selected servers in the preset.

-verbose shows the logs on the command line.

For more information, see Publish to a RoboHelp Server.

Other enhancements

  • You can now close any tab in the editor area using the middle mouse button.
  • You can now access the properties for all the assets files, for example, .docx, .xlsx, etc. by right-clicking and then selecting the Properties menu item. The Properties dialog box will provide you with information such as general info and the reference data where that file is used.

Fixed Issues


  1. Unable to select multiple cells using Shift + Arrow Keys in the table (Ref - 8095)
  2. Unable to adjust padding in cells from the Properties panel (Ref - 7939)
  3. After merging, table cells can't select specific table text at the end of the merged cell. (Ref - 8094)
  4. Pasting nested table within the main table is pasting full cell rather than just the table (Ref - 8098)
  5. Restart numbering in properties panel is shown only when class is applied on any element. (Ref - 8116)
  6. Condition tags are not shown immediately after applying in the TOC (Ref - 8127)
  7. At times, TOC structure randomly changes while dragging from the TOC panel to the editor area in the middle. (Ref - 8122)
  8. View not restoring to same position on toggle between author and source view when full tag is selected; instead opens the topic from the top. (Ref - 8099)


  1. Creating a new topic from a master page with multiple css files attached does not retain all the css files. (Ref - 8093)
  2. Browse Sequence does not give indication of the missing topics (Ref - 7650)
  3. Duplicate output preset does not duplicate with default settings as per the source preset. (Ref - 7964)


  1. Connection Profiles disappear randomly when all instances are closed and then reopened. (Ref - 7947)
  2. Context-sensitive help (CSH) API folder is missing.


  1. Most relevant search results are not prioritized in Frameless output. (Ref - 6602)
  2. Search autocomplete does not work for words with formatting (Ref - 6846)
  3. User is not navigated to the dropdown if it contains the search term (Ref - 8038)
  4. Phrase search fails if a HTML element occurs within the phrase. (Ref - 3153)
  5. Search keyword with more than one word does not work (Ref - 6915)


  1. Heading based TOC doesn’t nest correctly. (Ref - 8005)
  2. Page numbers in Index entries are not sorted in PDF and Word. (Ref - 7825)
  3. PDF output with an auto-created TOC with active option "TOC pages for bookmarks" is not working. (Ref - 8246)


  1. Headings coming from snippets are moved to the end irrespective of their placement in miniTOC in Responsive HTML5 output. (Ref - 7980)
  2. Book or Section associated with any topic does not expand automatically in the TOC when navigated from the TOC titles (Ref - 8097)
  3. Chatbot on a page opens in expanded form by default. (Ref - 8079)
  4. chatbot.css added to the project for Frameless output gets modified during generation.
  5. Structure of the XML files in the XHTML output in the latest release of RoboHelp is not the same as in RoboHelp2019 Classic (Ref - 8123)
  6. Performance issue with generation and publishing of Responsive HTML5 output. (Ref - 8172)

Feature enhancements

Classic project upgrade

For projects upgraded from RoboHelp Classic, the latest version of RoboHelp now includes the following changes.

  • The assets from the root folder are now organized, rest all other folders are migrated as they are.
  • All the baggage files, whether used or not, are now available in the upgraded project. 

Work with single tab mode

You can now open any topic or file in a single tab mode without opening multiple tabs. RoboHelp resues the tabs wherever possible to make it a seamless experience. If any topic is being modified, then that particular tab persists, hence opening the new selected topic in another tab. 

To enable this option, click Edit > Preferences > General > Use single tab to open files.


You can now discard the current changes and revert to the previous version in GIT. 

For more information, see Collaborate using Git.

search through your bookmarks

You can now search for bookmarks while inserting hyperlinks.

For more information, see Create and manage links.

Define hierarchy of imported topics from word in the TOC

You can now define hierarchy based on the styles for the imported topics in the TOC in the Advanced settings tab.

To enable this option, click File > Import > Word Document. Select Map Word styles to TOC hierarchy in Word Import Settings. 

For more information, see Import Word documents into a project.

Work with breadcrumbs

At any time, you can now use the basic operations like cut, copy, paste, or remove by right-clicking on any of the breadcrumbs in the Author view.  You can also now identify the structure of a breadcrumb trail with the listing of sibling and child text elements.

For more information, see Insert breadcrumbs.

easier text attribute removal

You can remove the text attributes by selecting "Remove Text Attributes" option in the context menu of the text or the breadcrumbs. You can also select multiple paragraphs and remove attributes in bulk.

easier variable creation

You can now create a variable from the selected text and convert the current selection to variable. The selected text gets converted to the variable; press undo (Ctrl + Z) to revert it.

For more information, see Insert a variable.

use the new inline snippet feature

You can now reuse your content as inline and formatted as hyperlinks, bold text, image etc. You can select text within the paragraph and create snippet of the selected portion, you can also create it directly in the snippet editor. On usage, it can be inserted within any paragraph or text as an inline snippet.

For more information, see Insert a snippet.

Improved Chatbot client

You can now configure the chatbot responses like Welcome text, Default text, Error messages, etc. in the Client tab of the Chatbot preset. 

Response of any Intent can be modified further on the DialogFlow server now.

Note: This is one way only, edited response doesn't flow back to RoboHelp.

Improved Microcontent

The FAQ page generated from Microcontent now goes to all output formats and not just Frameless, as earlier.

For more information, see Microcontent.

Use the new Kindle preset

The EPUB preset has been renamed to eBook. You can now produce eBook content with the EPUB and Kindle formats so that it can be read on mobile devices, eBook readers, and tablets. For EPUB, RoboHelp generates .epub files, whereas, for Kindle Book, RoboHelp generates a Kindle Format 8 (KF8) and Mobi file using the KindleGen converter. The link to download the KindleGen converter is available in the Kindle tab of the eBook preset.

All existing EPUB presets will be upgraded to eBook with .epub as the default format. You can also configure custom metadata and specify a cover image for both EPUB and Kindle.

For more information, see Generate eBook output.

Use the new enhanced frameless output

The Frameless output is available now with more enhancements.

  • The flickering during navigation in the Frameless output is fixed now to give you a smooth experience when viewed from the server. 
  • In the full-screen mode, topic content is expanded to the right side too to provide a better reading experience. 
  • In the breadcrumbs, the hyperlink from the Home button is removed to be used as a label only. 
  • Dynamic content filtering is allowed on the Index entries too.

For more information, see Generate Frameless output.

PDF enhancements

An option to control automatic hyphenation is added in the Advanced tab of the PDF preset. You can switch on or off as per your need. Earlier it was enabled by default.

To enable this option, open the Advanced settings and select Use automatic hyphenation.

For more information, see Generate PDF output.

Fixed Issues


  1. RoboHelp hangs on the first launch after the machine restarts. (Ref - 7713)
  2. Unable to change the case of a file name. (Ref - 7736)
  3. The zoom level of 250% is displayed twice in Zoom settings. (Ref - 7679)
  4. Help > Update does not launch the updater; instead launches Creative Cloud app.  (Ref - 7664)
  5. Editing the CSS style name in the upper case creates a duplicate. (Ref - 7592)
  6. Order of table rows and columns styling does not get saved in the right order. (Ref - 7570)
  7. CHM compiler is missing from the installer. (Ref - 7779)
  1. GIT integration using the HTTPS method doesn’t work. (Ref - 7727)
  2. GIT cloning using wrong password credentials does not show password prompt again. (Ref - 7616)
  1. Placing the cursor in the Index Keywords field causes RoboHelp to freeze for sometime. (Ref - 7655)
  2. Cannot apply class to multiple paragraphs in one go. (Ref - 7822)


  1. Topics excluded from the build by an expression still appear in the TOC. (Ref - 7699)
  2. Batch generation from the command line fails. (Ref - 7662)
  3. The search feature is not working in the Japanese HTML help (CHM). (Ref - 7458)


  1. Breadcrumbs show the incorrect path if a topic occurs more than once in the TOC. (Ref - 7688)
  2. TOC jumps between topics when a topic clicked is referenced multiple times in the TOC. (Ref - 7728)
  3. When generating a frameless output that contains thumbnail images, multiple instances of the same thumbnail are generated on top of one another. (Ref - 7700)
  4. In Frameless output, links to bookmarks in a table fail on the first click. (Ref - 6899)


  1. Converting Japanese pages to CHM in Microsoft HTML Help results in garbled text. (Ref - 7848)


  1. Index creation fails due to the word "constructor" being in the content. (Ref - 7923)
  2. If a topic has a condition tag applied, then content level tags are not excluded correctly by condition expression in the output. (Ref - 8019)

Responsive HTML5

  1. Dynamic content filter does not filter index terms correctly. (Ref - 6618)


For any fixed issues related to RH2019, please visit