What’s new in Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)

Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) comes with the ability to import code profiler data and upgrade to Eclipse Oxygen.

New in Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)

The 2018 release of Adobe ColdFusion Builder is a lightweight, quick-loading IDE designed to complement Adobe ColdFusion. Get the job done faster with tools that slash development time, reduce testing effort, and shorten the debugging cycle. Automatically detect potential security risks in your code and get hints for remediation. Zero in on performance bottlenecks in your web and mobile applications by using Code Profiler reports from the new Performance Monitoring Toolkit in ColdFusion (2018 release).

Connect to remote systems

In the 2018 release of ColdFusion Builder, you can connect to remote systems, like, FTP, SSH, SFTP, and so on.

After connecting and authenticating, you can browse the folder and access the codes located in the folders.

For more information, see Connect to remote systems.

Import code profiler data

The code profiler in Performance Monitoring Toolset identifies performance bottlenecks in your code. The profiler can answer questions like how many times each method in your code is called and how long does each of those methods take.

In the 2018 release of ColdFusion Builder, you can import a profile and debug the code.

For more information, see Import code profiler data.

Support for Cordova

In the 2018 release of ColdFusion Builder, we have removed PhoneGap and have added support for Cordova. The requirements for Cordova are:

  • Android: Either Android Studio SDK or SDK Manager command line tools must be present
  • iOS: XCode must be present for building mobile apps

Any errors while building the app are displayed in the Builder console. 

If a signed build is required, provide the details of the keystore (Window > Preferences > ColdFusion > Cordova).

For more information, see Package mobile applications.


A signed build for iOS is not supported. The iOS builds must be signed using the steps in the Cordova documentation.

Oxygen upgrade

The 2018 release of ColdFusion Builder comes with Oxygen ver 4.7.2, upgraded from Mars.


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