Troubleshooting - DTM User Invite and Log In

Inviting Users to DTM

Users are invited to DTM through an Admin user. When a user is invited to DTM, an invitation link is sent to the email address specified during creation. To activate the invitation, the user has to click the link. If they do not click the link the user account shows as 'invited', but not as registered.

For more information on inviting users check the documentation here:

After the invitation has been accepted, the user appears as a Registered User. 


A single user can span multiple companies and properties. 

Troubleshooting Common Login Issues

  • Invitee has not received invite link.
    • First, ask the invitee to check their spam folder. The most common issue is the email has been marked as spam.
  • Invite email is not in the spam folder and invitee still has not received it.
    • If the invite is not in the spam folder, it is possible it has been blocked by the company spam filter. Have the invitee add the email address to their address book or whitelist. 
    • Once the above is completed, an Admin can resend the invite by going to Dashboard > Company Name > Users tab > Resend (next to invited user's email address).  
  • The invitee still has not received the invite after the above troubleshooting steps. / The invitee received the link, but it does not work.


If a DTM account has not been created for your company, follow the steps here


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