Feature summary | Team Projects (April 2019 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the April 2019 release of Team Projects

After Effects experience improvements

Now you can quickly open a team project in After Effects. With asynchronous media loading, content finishes loading in the background as you work. This release also introduces added support for Editing Original AE comps as well as the option to Create New After Effects Composition.

User Experience improvements

In the Manage Team Projects dialogue, you can now search and filter by project name. This release of Team Projects also introduces enhanced support for Google Drive, Box, and One Drive.

After Effects experience improvements

This release of Team Projects offers the following improvements:
  • With asynchronous media loading, working with After Effects is faster. When you open a team projects in After Effects, you no longer have to wait for the contents to display on screen. As you open a team project, it displays a placeholder information for the entire list of components the project has.

For more infromation, see Opening a team project in After Effects.

  • Team Projects now has an edit original option for comps, similar to Premiere Pro and After Effects. You no longer have to manually open the team project in After Effects every time you edit the source file. You can be within the After Effects environment, edit the footage in Team Projects using the edit original comp.
  • After Effects headless only imports the media that is relevant to the composition. This improves performance, speed, and reduces the memory footprint.

User Experience improvements

This release of Team Projects offers the following experience improvements:

  • You can easily navigate through multiple team projects with the new search option in the Manage Team Projects dialogue. As the number of team projects grows, it becomes time-consuming to scan through a long list to find the desired project. Now you can search and filter for quick access to the specific project. The new filter works in all three tabs in the dialogue (Team Projects list, archive list, invites list).

For more information, see Search and filter team projects.

  • Better support for Google Drive, Box and OneDrive.

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