Issue: When you check for updates in a Creative Cloud application, available updates aren't listed


Make sure that your computer and operating system meet the minimum system requirements. Some applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Lightroom require a 64-bit processor and operating system. For more details, see Not all apps displayed for download | Creative Cloud Desktop app.


If you are using Creative Cloud for teams (business plan), or are an Enterprise customer, see your team administrator or IT department as updates may have been disabled for end users.

Solution 1: Manually check for updates

From the Creative Cloud desktop app gear menu, choose Check for App Updates.

Check for App Updates

Solution 2: Refresh the Creative Cloud desktop app

With the Creative Cloud desktop app active, use the following keyboard shortcut to force it to close and relaunch itself and all associated processes:

  • Windows: Ctrl+Alt+R
  • Mac OS: Command+Option+R

Solution 3: Sign out of your Creative Cloud membership, and then sign back in

Sign out and sign back in to the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Solution 4: Remove the OPM.db file, and then log in again

Remove the OPM.db file and log in to the Creative Cloud application using the Adobe ID associated with your membership.

Solution 5: Remove the affected Creative Cloud application, and then reinstall it

Remove and reinstall the affected application.

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