Why are some services not working within my Creative Cloud app?

In rare cases, access to some services (such as saving documents to the cloud or fonts) within Creative Cloud apps may not be available. This can be caused by many factors including temporary server outages and Internet service disruption.

How will I know if services are not available?

When services are not available, you may see the following notification while using a Creative Cloud app.

Service outage notification

Can I use my apps during the outage?

Yes. If you’ve previously used the Creative Cloud app, you should be able to continue to use it.

Will my Creative Cloud app quit if services are not working?

No, your Creative Cloud app will continue to work. However, some services within the app may not be available.

Can I download Creative Cloud apps during the outage?

Yes, you can download apps during service outage. However, you may need to wait to open them for the first time until services are restored. 

How will I know when services are restored?

When services are restored, you may see the following sign-in notification.  

Service restored notification

After services are restored, why am I asked to sign in?

This is necessary to reconnect you with the services that you are entitled to, based on your subscription.


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