Create brushes in Capture and use them in Photoshop

Capture allows you to quickly create brushes from images saved on your device or with the camera on your mobile device or tablet. You can easily save brushes created in Capture on your device and work with them in Photoshop on the iPad.

Load your Capture brushes in Photoshop on the iPad

Create brushes in Adobe Capture on the iPad

  1. Open Adobe Capture. Use the camera or import an image to begin your brush creation.

    Customize properties of your Capture brushes

  2. Use the editing tools to style your brush., crop, or adjust the settings of your brush including flow, scatter, and size effects. 

    Customize properties of your Capture brushes

    Customize properties of your Capture brushes

  3. Tap Save from the upper right corner in the Edit mode.

  4. Choose a Library destination to save your newly created brush. Tap the Save button to save your brush to the selected destination.

Export Capture brushes from the gallery

  1. Find your brush in the Libraries gallery. Tap the three dots (…) icon below your selected brush.

  2. Tap the three dots () icon to bring up more menu options - Edit, Rename, Duplicate, Move To, Delete, Share, Export As, and Save To Camera Roll

  3. From the various menu options, select Export As... 

  4. In the Export As... dialog, select the ABR option to export your brush as an ABR file.

  5. Choose Save to Files to save the brush to your device storage.

Import a Capture brush in Photoshop on the iPad

  1. From the brushes menu select the '+' button. Choose Import from files.

    Import Capture brushes

  2. Navigate to the location in your device storage and select the Capture brush you created. The brush will be imported and you can find it at the bottom of the Brushes panel in Photoshop on the iPad. 

    Brush loaded to Photoshop on the iPad

  3. Select the imported brush and use in your photoshop document. Use the brush settings menu to apply additional settings to your brush. 

    Apply Capture brushes in Photoshop on the iPad


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