Learn how to share prototypes for review.

XD allows you to share/publish your prototypes for review:

  • Publish prototypes to the web: Provide a public or a private web link for stakeholders to view or comment on your prototype. You can also embed the prototype in any website that supports iFrames. For more information, see Publish prototypes.
  • Share cloud documents: Share your cloud documents and invite designers to collaborate. You can also remove, or restore the invited stakeholders from accessing the shared cloud documents. For more information, see Cloud documents in XD and Working with cloud documents.

Prerequisites to share prototypes

To share prototypes using the Adobe XD Share Online feature, you must be logged in with an Adobe account through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application, or any other Adobe application.


If you are on the free XD starter plan, you can only share one prototype and one design specs at a time. If you want to stay on the free XD starter plan, delete the existing links before sharing a new one.

For information on deleting prototypes and design specs, see Delete published prototypes and design specs

To upgrade your plan from within XD, click Help > Upgrade. You can also click Upgrade Now from the pop-up screen that opens when you try to publish more than one prototype or design specs.

You can share the entire project (or a subset of artboards in a single flow) with reviewers by providing them a web link to view your prototype on a web browser.

For example, if you only want to publish artboards created for mobile devices, select the Home artboard for the mobile devices and generate a new link. All artboards connected with the Home artboard are included in the prototype.


Artboards should be aligned vertically to maintain sequential order. If the published prototype does not maintain the order of artboards, adjust the position in the original file, and republish the prototype.

  1. Open the Adobe XD file that you want to share.

  2. Click Share button and select Share for Review.

    Share options
    Share options
  3. To create a public link, click the small drop-down button, and select Anyone with the link can view option. Select Only invited people can view option to create a private link. Specify a title for your prototype. Then set the following prototype options:

    • Allow Comments: This option is selected by default. This option enables you to provide  feedback on the prototype. For information on how reviews work in XD, see working with comments in the review workflow
    • Show Hotspot Hints: This option is selected by default. This option allows you to see hotspot hints in the prototype. If a user clicks in an area that is not interactive, the areas that are interactive are outlined thus indicating clickable areas.
    • Show Navigation Controls: Select this option if you want to enable the display of the left, and right navigation controls. When this option is unchecked, the navigation controls are hidden.
    • Open in Full Screen: Select this option if you want the prototype to open in full screen when a user clicks the link. The prototypes open in full screen at 100% of the actual size, allowing viewers to get a realistic view of the design experience. If the design does not fit on the screen at 100%, the user has to scroll to view the complete screen.  
    • Require Password: This option enables you to add a security layer to the shared public prototype. When you select this option and set a password, reviewers are required to type in the password to view the prototype. For more information, see Password protect a shared prototype.
    Share for Review options
    Share for Review options


    You can set a password for your prototype only when it is a public link.

  4. After setting the various options, click Create link option.

    If you edit your design and want to refresh the URL that you previously generated, click Publish Prototype again and then click Update. If you want to generate a new web link, select New Link. If you want to edit the private link you have previously shared, click Edit Private Link.

  5. Click Copy Link to copy and paste the generated URL into your email client or other communication channels to share with the others.

    To open the published prototype in a web browser, click Open Link.

    To copy the embed code, click Copy Embed Code. You can then paste this code into any website that supports inline frames.


    You can also deep-link to specific artboards in your design. Click the link to your shared prototype, navigate to a specific artboard, and then copy the URL for that artboard. You can then share that URL with reviewers.


  • If you publish your design without interactions, all your artboards are uploaded and you can navigate using the keyboard arrow keys. The order of your artboards is left to right, top to bottom.
  • If your design includes interactions, only those artboards connected to the Home artboard are uploaded and shared.

Publish prototypes using private invites (Preview)


Private invite is now a Preview feature. The label Preview represents a feature made available for free to users on a “preview” basis to collect feedback.

  1. Open the Adobe XD file that you want to share.
  2. Click the Share button and select either Share For Review or Share For Development.

  3. From the small drop-down menu, select Only invited people can view option.

  4. In the Invite tab, add the email address of the invitees, add optional message if any, and click Invite. The stakeholder receives comments and invitations through email notifications.

    The commenting notification email provides a direct link to a specific comment on the artboard, not just the home artboard. You can click the comments displayed in the email notifications, as clickable direct links to the corresponding artboard.

    Share invites
    Share invites
  5. To display the shared prototype on the web, click the received email notification.


    Ensure that you are signed in using your Adobe ID and the email address mapped to your account.

  6. You can log in to the Your Work section of Creative Cloud of assets.adobe.com and do the following:

    • Designers: 
      • View the prototypes or design specs shared with the stakeholders.
      • View the received artifacts in the Shared with You section. 
      • View the saved cloud documents within File > Cloud Documents.
    • Reviewers:  
      • View the prototypes and design specs received for review within the Shared with You section.

    For more information on the various options in Your Work, see Browse, sync, and manage assets.

    Shared with you section
    Shared with you section

Using private invites on web

Some organizations prohibit sharing the Adobe XD designs artifacts through public links without a secure invite workflow, which prevents enterprise users from sharing XD prototypes and designs specs with the stakeholders.

Using this feature, you can publish a secure invite from the web. You can invite users from within your organization with their names, and other users with their emails.


The workflow to add/modify users is the same as from within the XD desktop app.

  1. Publish the design specs from within the Adobe XD app and share the link.

  2. Click the Invite button, and in the text field, invite people with their email ids.

  3. In the Invite dialog, you can view the name of the Owner, and the users who have accepted the invite. To remove a user, click Remove option, and select Save. After you click Remove option, you can click Undo option to add the collaborator back. 

Password protect prototypes

You can restrict access to your prototypes by adding password protection. You can password-protect new prototypes only.

To password protect already shared prototypes (created using XD versions 6 or earlier), see Password protect existing prototype links

To password protect a new prototype:

  1. Click the Share button and select Share for Development or Share for Review.

  2. After setting the various options, click Require Password. In the password field that appears, type in a password that satisfies the password rules. The password must have at least eight characters, and include one of each of these characters: A-Z, a-z, and 0-9.

    Adobe XD cloaks the password characters when you create a shared link for prototypes and design specs. To reveal the password as you type, click the visibility icon. Click Create Link button. When you share a prototype or design spec, the password is not saved to improve security.

    Password protect your design specs
    Password protect your design specs


    If your password does not match the password rules set by XD, the Create Link does not get enabled.

    After you set a password, only the reviewers in possession of that password can access the prototype or design spec. 

    XD does not store your password or send it to reviewers. Share the password along with the published prototype or design spec link to reviewers.

  3. Change password: To change the password of an already published prototype or design spec, click inside the password field and type a new password. You can then update the existing link, or create a link.

    Remove password: To remove password protection of a shared prototype or design spec, deselect the Require Password check box. You can then update the existing link or create a link.

    Forgot password: Because XD does not store your password, if you forget it, you can set a new password for your prototype or design spec and update the link.

A reviewer can click the prototype link you share via email, Slack, or other messaging channels, and is then prompted to enter the password.

The reviewer can also access the prototype from the Your Work section of Creative Cloud (assets.adobe.com) to view and comment on the artifacts in a unified browser interface.

For more information, see The review workflow.

If you have created public prototype URLs using XD version 6 or earlier, you cannot update those existing links directly by adding password protection. You are required to create a new link.

However, after you create a link using XD version 7, you can update the link with passwords any time you want.

Delete shared prototype links

You can delete shared links to your prototype using the Manage Links option in XD.

  1. Click the Share button. Then click Manage Links.


    If you are on a Starter plan, and try to publish more than one prototype, you are prompted to either upgrade your plan or manage links. Click Manage Links to delete the existing prototype link.

    Manage links option
    Manage links option

    The Your Work section of Creative Cloud opens in your browser.

  2. In the Published section in Your Work, click the Permanently Delete icon corresponding to the prototype or specs, and confirm that you want to delete it. You can also select multiple links and delete it at once.

    Deleting links from assets.adobe.com
    Deleting links from assets.adobe.com

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