Learn how to bring vector artwork such as icons and logo designs from Illustrator into Adobe XD.

Adobe XD works with Illustrator to bring high-fidelity vector artwork such as logos, icons, or any other elements you can use in your XD designs. The imported artwork remains editable in XD allowing you to reduce the time involved in creating prototypes.

Read on to learn the many ways in which you can bring assets from Illustrator into XD, and best practices and limitations related to these workflows.

work with xd and illustrator

Before you proceed

While Illustrator and XD have complementary set of features that helps retain layers and effects, there are  some features that do not have a one-to-one mapping. Before you proceed, read on to learn more about them from Supported Illustrator features.

Here are some of the additional limitations when working with Illustrator files in XD:
  • You cannot copy and paste an Illustrator artboard to XD.
  • When working with text elements, XD does not import a horizontal scale on fill.
  • You cannot populate repeat grids with vectors.

To ensure that you get a seamless experience when working with XD and Illustrator, we're making improvements to the interoperability workflows. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or feedback, do share them on UserVoice.

Ways to get Illustrator assets into XD

When your design is ready in Illustrator, here are some of the ways to get them into XD.  

Open or import Illustrator designs
Learn more
Copy vectors or SVGs from Illustrator
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Use assets from CC libraries
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Prototype imported artboards

After your Illustrator designs are imported into XD, let's see how you can use them to create a prototype.

When you work with Illustrator, you can create XD artboards by opening  Illustrator artboards directly in XD. Artboards in Illustrator are seamlessly imported into XD's artboard format. 

You also go back and forth between the two apps to make small adjustments to multiple visual elements on the go.

Looking to enhance your XD designs? apply XD-specific features such as Repeat GridsStatesAuto-animate, and Voice prototyping.

Share and collaborate with XD

Is your prototype ready for sharing?

One of the major advantages of using Adobe XD to design and create interactive prototypes is the ability to share your  designs and prototypes and get feedback from stakeholders.
Use the Share mode in XD to share your designs and interactive prototypes with stakeholders and seamlessly collaborate with them.
Invite your stakeholders to collaborate and simultaneously coedit your document, and yet maintain a version history of your design project!

Are you thinking whether the design resolution gets impacted after you share it from XD? The answer is No.

Your shared designs are optimized with no loss of fidelity, feedback from your stakeholders are available in real-time, and developers can download the shared assets and design specs for coding.

Video: How do I import Illustrator designs?

"Just like how you can import Photoshop files directly into Adobe XD, you can also import your Illustrator files. This is perfect for designers who want to bring in logos, icons, or any other elements to use in their UI or UX projects" — Howard Pinsky,  Senior XD Evangelist. 

To learn more about bringing your Illustrator designs into XD, watch this 2 minute video.

Frequently asked questions

How do I fix the distorted spacing issues between elements when I increase the size of my SVGs? 

Distortion occurs when XD considers imported or pasted SVG related objects as separate objects. To avoid distortion, ensure that Responsive Resize option in Property Inspector is set to OFF. 

Why are my design Icons exported from Illustrator to SVG seems distorted in XD?

Some Illustrator features are not compliant with XD and are transferred as vectors or not transferred at all. SVG has limited capabilities compared to Illustrator and features like freeform gradient cannot be expressed. For more information on the supported Illustrator elements in XD, see Supported Illustrator elements.

What's next?

We've got you started with working with design assets from Illustrator. Take a step forward and learn how to create interactive prototypes and share them with designers or stakeholders for feedback.

Have feedback? We're all ears.


If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe XD Community. We would love to hear from you and see your creations.