Photoshop for design

Get going with exciting new features for design. Create efficiently for multiple screens and devices, and print and graphic design—all on one infinite canvas. Read on for more info on just a few of the many new Photoshop features for design.


  Typekit is now called Adobe Fonts and is included with Creative Cloud and other subscriptions. Learn more.

Jumpstart your projects

While creating a document in Photoshop, instead of beginning with a blank canvas, you can choose from a wide variety of templates from Adobe Stock. Templates include stock assets and illustrations that you can build on to complete your project.

In addition to templates, you can also create a document by selecting one of the numerous presets available in Photoshop or create your custom sizes. You can also save your own presets for reuse.

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Creative Cloud Libraries

Powered by Adobe CreativeSync technology, Creative Cloud Libraries make your favorite assets available to you anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Share and collaborate on libraries with anyone who has a Creative Cloud account. While adding collaborators to a library, choose what level of permissions you want to give them. You can also create libraries that others can follow to receive updates to them.

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SVG fonts

Photoshop supports SVG fonts, including emoji fonts. You can composite several emoji SVG font characters to create new glyphs. For example, you can create the flags of countries or change the skin color of single-person default characters.

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Work with Adobe XD

Bring your Photoshop assets directly into Adobe XD, the new all-in-one tool for designing and prototyping user experiences for websites and mobile apps.

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Ideal for responsive and multi-screen design, artboards let you create multiple layouts in different sizes, lay them out within a single document, and see them all at once. You can export artboards individually or several at a time. You can now duplicate a layer or layer group into other artboards, quickly change artboard backgrounds, and view artboards with transparent backgrounds.

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New export options

Export artboards, layers, layer groups, or Photoshop documents as JPEG, GIF, PNG, PNG-8, or SVG image assets. Use Quick Export commands to generate assets in commonly-used image assets with a single click. Embed color profiles into PNG or JPG files. Customize all export settings per your requirements in Preferences.

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Selection and Masking Space

Creating accurate selections and masks in Photoshop is now quicker and easier than ever before. A dedicated new workspace now helps you make precise selections and masks. Use tools like Refine Edge Brush to cleanly separate foreground and background elements and do much more. 

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Match Font

Take the guesswork out of identifying certain fonts and let Photoshop do the hard work for you. Thanks to the magic of intelligent imaging analysis, using just a picture of a Latin font, Photoshop can use machine learning to detect which font it is and match it to licensed fonts on your computer or on Typekit, suggesting similar fonts.

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Adobe Stock integration

While working with assets on the Adobe Stock website, you can now open your chosen asset in Photoshop from directly within the website. You can also add watermarked previews or licensed stock images to any of your libraries. Then, in Photoshop, you can use the stock images in your documents as library-linked assets.

The new filtered search of the Adobe Stock site and your library assets makes finding the assets you need a breeze. Also, licensed Adobe Stock assets are badged for easy identification; video assets now have linked previews.

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Photoshop everywhere

Mobile apps like Photoshop for iPad, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Comp, and Adobe Capture extend the power of Photoshop to your devices so you can create powerful designs at your desk or on the go. Try something new! For example, use Capture on your mobile device to turn any image into a pattern. Save it to a Creative Cloud library and then use it as a pattern or pattern fill in your Photoshop projects.

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Multiple layer styles

Easily add up to 10 instances of select layer style—including drop shadow, gradient overlay, color overlay, inner shadow, and stroke—to a layer or layer group, and re-edit any style at any time. No more rasterizing effects or stacking in different layer groups.

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Faster everyday tasks

Photoshop now opens documents faster and delivers great responsiveness. Content-Aware Fill is now up to 3X faster with even better results. The Font menu loads up the list of fonts up to 4X faster.

Work with glyphs

Use the new Glyphs panel to work efficiently with glyphs. Browse all the available glyphs in a font, view alternatives for currently selected glyphs, access commonly used glyphs, see and insert your most recently used glyphs and sort glyphs for faster browsing. Apply alternate glyphs for specific characters directly using a new in-context menu. Hover over a glyph to see details such as its glyph ID, Unicode value, Unicode name, etc. 

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Content-Aware Crop

Photoshop now uses content-aware technology to intelligently fill in the gaps when you use the Crop tool for rotating or straightening an image, or expanding your canvas beyond the image's original size.

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Import and export SVG files

Open and place native SVG files—which can rescale for any size device or any resolution—in your Photoshop designs. Just double-click the object to edit it in Adobe Illustrator. Export SVG image assets using the new Export experience.

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Find fonts faster

Quickly find the font you need by starring individual fonts as favorites. Narrow down your search by filtering fonts by classification, like serif or sans serif, or by visual similarity. Seach among fonts installed on your computer or synchronized fonts from Typekit.

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Adobe Portfolio

Use Adobe Portfolio to quickly and easily create a beautiful portfolio site to show off your Photoshop images. And now when you use Portfolio, you can create custom landing and contact pages to better connect with viewers.

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