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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)

  1. ColdFusion Tools User Guide
  2. Performance Monitoring Toolset
    1. Overview of ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset
    2. Auto-discovery of ColdFusion nodes and clusters
    3. Code profiler in ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset
    4. Configure ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset settings
    5. Install ColdFusion Performance Monitoring Toolset
    6. View cloud metrics
    7. Monitor GraphQL in Performance Monitoring Toolset
    8. Configure TLS/SSL and Authentication for Elasticsearch 8.x  in Performance Monitoring Toolset
    9. View cluster and node metrics
    10. View data source metrics
    11. View external services
    12. View incoming services
    13. View list of sites and busy connections
    14. View topology of sites
    15. Datastore Health Monitoring
    16. Performance Monitoring Toolset Update 1
    17. Secure Performance Monitoring Toolset with HTTPS/SSL
    18. Performance Monitoring Toolset deployment guide
  3. Use ColdFusion Builder
    1. About ColdFusion Builder
    2. System requirements | ColdFusion Builder
    3. Install ColdFusion Builder
    4. Edit code in ColdFusion Builder
    5. Manage servers in ColdFusion Builder
    6. Manage projects in ColdFusion Builder
    7. What's new in Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)
    8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)
    9. Debug applications in ColdFusion Builder
    10. ColdFusion Builder workbench
    11. ColdFusion Builder extensions
    12. Debugging Perspective in ColdFusion Builder
    13. Build mobile applications using ColdFusion Builder
    14. Bundled ColdFusion Server
    15. Debug mobile applications in ColdFusion Builder
    16. Use extensions in ColdFusion Builder
  4. Coldfusion API Manager
    1. Overview of Adobe ColdFusion API Manager
    2. Features in ColdFusion API Manager
    3. Get started with ColdFusion API Manager
    4. Install ColdFusion API Manager
    5. Authentication types
    6. Create and publish APIs
    7. Administrator
    8. Subscriber
    9. Throttling and rate limiting
    10. Notifications
    11. Connectors
    12. Set up cluster support
    13. Integrate ColdFusion and API Manager
    14. Metrics and Logging in API Manager
    15. Generate Swagger documents
    16. Configure SSL
    17. Known issues in this release
    18. Policies in ColdFusion API Manager
    19. Create a Redis cluster
    20. Multitenancy in API Manager
    21. Docker images for ColdFusion API Manager

Adobe ColdFusion Builder is End of Life from Oct 1, 2024

Thank you for being part of the exciting journey of Adobe ColdFusion Builder.

As Adobe continues to focus on ColdFusion Builder extension for Visual Studio Code as the IDE for Adobe ColdFusion, we have decided to End of Life (EOL) Adobe ColdFusion Builder on Oct 1, 2024.

View the End of Life (EOL) announcement for ColdFusion Builder.

General information

The 2018 release of Adobe ColdFusion Builder is a lightweight, quick-loading IDE designed to complement Adobe ColdFusion. Get the job done faster with tools that slash development time, reduce testing effort, and shorten the debugging cycle. Automatically detect potential security risks in your code and get hints for remediation. Zero in on performance bottlenecks in your web and mobile applications by using Code Profiler reports from the new Performance Monitoring Toolkit in ColdFusion (2018 release).

ColdFusion Builder (2018 Release) is designed for developers who build, deploy, and manage ColdFusion applications. Mobile app developers will love the way ColdFusion Builder lets them easily and quickly develop, test, debug, and deploy applications across multiple devices with minimum effort. Developers who have just started building applications for the web can benefit from the ColdFusion Builder productivity features.

You can use ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) to write applications for any ColdFusion release. However, ColdFusion Builder includes tag libraries only for ColdFusion 10, 11, and 2016 release, making some features available for only those releases.

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) enables developers to be more productive because of its easy customization, extensibility of the IDE, code quick fix, smart tab navigation, and a built-in debugger. Mobile application developers will benefit from the end-to-end workflow supported by ColdFusion Builder (2018 release).

No, printed documentation is not included with ColdFusion Builder (2018 release). Electronic versions of all documents are available online on the ColdFusion Help and Support page.

Pricing and editions

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is available for purchase online from the Adobe Store and through our network of partners and resellers.

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is licensed per seat and packaged as a stand-alone product for US$299. Upgrades from ColdFusion Builder (2016 release) are available for US$49. Developers can evaluate ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) for 60 days by downloading the trial. When the trial is over, the IDE reverts to ColdFusion Express, a basic ColdFusion code editor.

Yes. ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is included with both Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition. You get three licenses of ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) with Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) Enterprise Edition, and one license with Adobe ColdFusion (2018 release) Standard Edition.

You can also purchase ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) separately.

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is not part of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is available in English and Japanese.

Installation and platforms

You can install ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) stand-alone or as a plug-in for your Eclipse environment. More Information is available here.

ColdFusion Builder supports Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, and Mac OS. For a complete list of supported operating systems and versions, visit the system requirements page.

Free ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) for education

Complimentary Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is available to all eligible education customers for learning purposes only, not for production purposes. Students, faculty, and staff can get serial numbers to activate downloadable trial versions by sending a mail to this address. Attach a copy of your student ID, faculty ID, or employee ID, or a letter on institutional letterhead proving your current affiliation. When validated, you are emailed a complimentary educational serial number for Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release). It can take up to two weeks after your request to receive the serial number.

One of the following documents must be uploaded during registration to prove eligibility:

  • Valid student ID showing current enrollment
  • Valid faculty ID showing current employment
  • Valid employee ID showing current employment
  • Letter on an educational institution letterhead stating that the individual is either a current student or a faculty member of the institution

A scanned copy of any of these documents should be sent to the alias. The scanned copy should be formatted as a GIF or PDF file.

You can send a mail for up to 30 education serial numbers for student lab learning purposes.

Education customers need to purchase ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) if they are using it for more than just learning purposes.

No, Platinum Maintenance and Support or Upgrade Plan is available for purchase only to customers who have purchased a paid license of ColdFusion Builder (2018 release).

Complimentary installation support is available. Developer or Technical Support plans for issues beyond installation support are available for purchase. For more information, visit the Adobe support programs page for the United States or the United Kingdom.

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) and Mobile Application Development

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release), used with ColdFusion Server*, provides end-to-end support for mobile application development. ColdFusion developers can leverage their existing CFML skills to develop, test, debug, and deploy mobile apps as well as browser-based mobile web applications.

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) and earlier versions can also be used as a back end for mobile applications.

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) lets you inspect or test and modify the look and feel of mobile apps and mobile web applications across multiple devices using built-in Weinre integration.

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release), used with ColdFusion (2018 release)*, provides a unique solution for debugging installed apps and web applications. Remotely connect the mobile device to ColdFusion Builder and simulate actual usage on the device by stepping through application code.

* ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is a separate product and must be purchased separately. 

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release), used with ColdFusion (2018 release)*, offers built-in integration with Adobe PhoneGap Build to convert CFML-based web applications to installed apps that run on iOS and Android devices.

* ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) is a separate product and must be purchased separately. 


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