The following examples show some regular expressions and describe what they match:




A URL parameter value in a URL.


An uppercase DOS/Windows path in which (a) is not the root of a drive, and (b) has only letters, numbers, and underscores in its text.


A ColdFusion variable with no qualifier.


A ColdFusion variable with no more than one qualifier; for example, Form.VarName, but not Form.Image.VarName.


An integer that does not begin with a zero and has an optional sign.


A real number.


A real number in engineering notation.


Two to four occurrences of “a”: aa, aaa, aaaa.


At least three “ba” pairs: bababa, babababa, and so on.

Regular expressions in CFML

The following examples of CFML show some common uses of regular expression functions:



REReplace (CGI.Query_String, "CFID=[0-9]+[&]*", "")

The query string with parameter CFID and its numeric value stripped out.

REReplace("I Love Jellies", "[[:lower:]]","x","ALL"

I Lxxx Jxxxxxx

REReplaceNoCase("cabaret","[A-Z]", "G","ALL")


REReplace (Report,"\$[0-9,]*\.[0-9]*","$***.**")", "")

The string value of the variable Report with all positive numbers in the dollar format changed to "$***.**".

REFind ("[Uu]\.?[Ss]\.?[Aa}\.?", Report )

The position in the variable Report of the first occurrence of the abbreviation USA. The letters can be in either case and the abbreviation can have a period after any letter.



REReplace("There is is coffee in the the kitchen","([A-Za-z]+)[ ]+\1","*","ALL")

There * coffee in * kitchen

REReplace(report, "<[^>]*>", "", "All")

Removes all HTML tags from a string value of the report variable.

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