Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 11

Bug ID Description Component
CF-4204174 Add support for the function FileAppend. File Management: CFFile
CF-4204131 In Internet Explorer, trying to set or expire an empty cookie results in a new session cookie. Language
CF-4204120 If there is a custom function or method named queryExecute, the method executes incorrectly. Functions
CF-4204109 The Cfmail tag throws the error message The label in the input is too long when using long characters in the "From\To" address field. Net Protocols: MAIL
CF-4204093 QueryExecute throws an exception if the query contains double colons. Database
CF-4204080 Using the cfhtmltopdf tag when Sandbox Security is enabled throws an error. Securiity: Sandbox
CF-4204071 Base 64 conversion issue when using the tag cfimage. CFIMAGE
CF-4204069 The GET method of cfhttp throws Error 400 on requests with username or password. Security
CF-4204051 The Settings Summary window on the ColdFusion Administrator displays an error. Administrator Console
CF-4204045 The UrlEncodedFormat function is unable to encode % symbols. Functions: String
CF-4204050 Copyright, trademark or other non-alphanumeric ASCII characters appear distorted in the From Name field while sending an email. Net Protocols : MAIL
CF-4204026 After applying the update, ColdFusion ODBC server fails to start. Installer
CF-4203992 In cfgrid, data is repeated for MAXROWS attribute. AJAX: UI Components
CF-4203902 An exception occurs when create an ODBC connection with SQL server using SQL driver. Database: ODBC
CF-4203628 If you use queryExecute as a User Defined Function, en exception is thrown. Functions : Structures
CF-4203414 Consuming an external web service fails because duplicate authentications are generated. Web Services
CF-4203359 The mod_jk.so file is not recognized as a valid file in MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Installation/Config : Connector
CF-4203226 In a REST response, the first letter of a property key is in upper case. REST Services
CF-4198082 CFMAIL performs unexpectedly when email addresses contain German Umlauts. Language