ColdFusion 10 Update 4

This article lists all the bugs which have been fixed till the previous ColdFusion 10 updates.

Issues fixed

Bug ID Description Update Level
Web Services defaults to Axis 2 methods despite setting the Axis version to Axis 1 in ColdFusion Administrator. 4
If ColdFusion process is killed from Windows Task Manager, it does not restart automatically. 4
The ColdFusion Application Server service is killed after logging-off a remote session on a Windows XP system.
ColdFusion server is non-responsive when receiving a POST request with an XML body for a Web Service.
Websites fail with 'Service Not Available' error intermittently.
'Service Temporarily Unavailable' error after an arbitrary amount of time or heavy usage.
DateConvert("local2UTC", date) breaks other DateTime functions.
3227975 Pages with multiple frames load the incorrect pages when updating frames, intermittently. 4
Application pool on IIS 7.5 crashes due to certain Web Service requests.
coldfusion.exe stops when logging out from a console session on Windows Server 2003.
3323518 ColdFusion does not update its version after applying ColdFusion 10 Update. 4
3177732 Missing CGI.Redirect_* variables (for example, CGI.Redirect_URL, CGI.redirect_query_string) in ColdFusion 10. 1
3305486 The value of CGI.path_info is an empty string when URL rewrite condition uses {PATH_INFO} in IIS. 1
3181617 ORM second-level cache does not function when application is restarted after timeout. 1
3197628 cfcompile.bat and missing from ColdFusion 10. 1
3209606 When request debugging is enabled in "Secure Profile" mode, error template does not display correctly. 1
3207446 Unable to send certain set of characters as a message over websocket. 1
3290529 Unable to access Coldfusion Collections in spite of necessary permissions being granted to a user. 1
3306430 Data overflows from columns within a table in PDFs generated using cfdocument tag. 1
3192032 Scheduled Tasks belonging to non-default group are not archived. 1
3198173 cfhttp fails for a URL whose response is gzipped. 1
3198902 ExpandPath with UNC path is VERY slow. 1
3218452 CFThread fails when called from Custom Tags. 1
3295296 ColdFusion 10 returns multiple form fields with the same name as arrays instead of lists. 1
3306457 ColdFusion 10 deploys incorrect DLLs when installed as a 32–bit application on a 64-bit machine. It causes functionality such as registering CFX C++ tags to fail. 1
3183743 When the value of action attribute of cfschedule tag is "list", incorrect interval information is returned. 1
3194817 (ColdFusion 10 Standard Edition only) Can't create recurring scheduled tasks. 1
3196328 An application-specific task that is paused cannot be listed. 1
3196336 Exception in the ColdFusion Administrator when viewing a task if the value of its exclude attribute is an array. 1
3203769 Editing a paused task which has a password specified changes its status to running. 1
3295644 Scheduled Task that executes a URL on a specific port reverts to 80 on server restart. 1
3208222 Error when instantiating a COM Object in ColdFusion 10. 1
3299932 When a scheduled task is created with "Recurring" or "One-Time" option, it loses the user name and password information on server restart. 1
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