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Adobe ColdFusion (2023) Release Notes

What's new and changed

Adobe Coldusion (2023 release) is a completely reimagined solution that offers a modular, secure, and containerized approach to building applications that can run across multiple cloud providers or on-premises. You can now switch between cloud service providers without having to rewrite your application.

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Bugs fixed in this release




Administrator : Administrator Console

Incorrect GB to MB conversion from jvm.config file to the JVM page in ColdFusion Administrator.


In some cases, image uploads prevent form fields from being passed in a POST request.


Performing ImageRotate on a tiff image corrupts the image file.


ColdFusion CLI - license-related errors must not displayed if ColdFusion is unable to reach the license server.


Package management related errors must not be displayed in a ColdFusion CLI output.

Cloud Service : Amazon S3 Storage

The uploadFile method generates excessive logging.

Cloud Service : Azure Blob Storage

Files uploaded are always stored with ContentType "application/octet- stream".

Cloud Service : Cloud Profiles

Add support for an optional field for AWS Cloud Credentials for Session Token.

ColdFusion Package : ORM

An ORM error occurs when ormsettings.autogenmap is enabled and the cache attribute is defined for a component and the .hbmxml files use the property.

ColdFusion Package : RedisSessionStorage

Redis sessions lose stored objects that have fields with a decimal number.

Containers: CF Docker Image

In the ColdFusion 2021 docker image, an error occurs while running cfcompile on cfreport tags.

Core Runtime : Parser/Compiler

Context validation error occurs for cfcase.

Core Runtime : Session Management

Session does not get not saved to Redis when adding component struct/array with unquoted true/false values.


Add support for RefCursors in PostgreSQL.


There are certain stored procedure and other integration issues with PostgreSQL.

Document Management : PDF generation

cfdocument fails with encryption attribute.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

The cfhtmltopdf tag does not function correctly with radio groups that have no selected option.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

PDFs created with cfhtmltopdf tag prevent cfpdf from adding watermark properly.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

The cfhtmltopdf tag produces PDFs with a blank text areas.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

Thai characters do not print as expected when using cfhtmltopdf.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

Special characters are replaced by other characters when using cfhtmltopdf tag.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

HTML2PDF conversion times out during some conversion processes.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

There are formatting issues in PDFs generated by cfhtmltopdf tag.

Document Management : PDF Generation (CFHTML2PDF)

In cfhtmltopdf tag, allow special characters in the source URL.

Document Management : PDFg Service

In cfhtmltopdf tag, there is incomplete rendering of some HTML elements.

Document Management : Spreadsheet

The cfspreadsheet tag locks a file when performing operations on HTML and CSV file formats.

Document Management : Spreadsheet

The isSpreadsheetFile method locks the file, preventing it from being deleted

Installation/Config : CFSetup

cfsetup utility : exporting/importing coldfusion runtime settings fails ifsession key (cfloginusesessionstorageredis) is set.

Installation/Config : CFSetup

CFsetup utility - importing Metric configuration fails.

Installation/Config : CFSetup

The cfsetup import command errors out while importing cfstathostattribute in metric settings.

Installation/Config : Installer

CF installer should offer option to setup ColdFusion in Windows Start menu for"all users", not just the installing user.

Installation/Config : Licensing and Activation

Unable to activate ColdFusion on an Azure Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS)-based host.


Implicit struct creation results in keys that are case sensitive.


Member functions can't be chained to struct/array literals.

Language : CF Component

Component method visibility problems with array notation.

Language : Expressions

Null support for identity operator "===".

Language : Functions

The queryFilter method passes incorrect rownumber as the second argument.

Language : Query Functions

A transaction fails when using multiple queries with dissimilar properties.


Allow file actions in ColdFusion Administrator > Debugging & Logging - Log files page.

Web Services

ColdFusion 2021 SOAP webservice with wsversion parameters fails.

Known issues in this release

  • CF archive migration of scheduled tasks, fails from ColdFusion 2018 to ColdFusion 2023. Additionally, certain task attributes are not migrated when migrating from ColdFusion 2021. To manually migrate the tasks, copy <cf_home>/cfusion/lib/neo-cron.xml from your old ColdFusion instance to the new one, and restart ColdFusion.
  • The Install time migration wizard window for migration from the previous ColdFusion installation on the same host, may not show up post installation upon first ColdFusion admin login on macOS and Ubuntu platforms. Follow the instructions in the migration guide to manually perform migration in such cases. Error reported for certain settings (SAML, cloud configuration and cloud credentials) that are not configured in migration source ColdFusion are inconsequential and can be ignored. To migrate noSQL datasources, simply copy the neo-nosql-datasource.xml from the <cf_home>/cfusion/lib directory of the old ColdFusion installation to the new one.
  • Attempting to generate a SAML Service Provider in API Manager administrator results in an error.
  • For creating REST API from SOAP, copy tools.jar file to the <apim_home>/lib directory and restart APIM for the library to be loaded.
  • Model generation fails when an "and" or "or" operators is used in the schema. As a workaround, inline queries can be used where schema is not compiled, thus it will work without any issue.
  • If a CFML request using ormsearch feature, fails with no output, uninstall the ormsearch package, delete the contents of <cf_home>cfusion/bin/felix-cache directory, reinstall the ormsearch package and restart CF.
  • If ColdFusion is configured with a JRE older than the default java 17, you may run into issues connecting to Apache Derby datasources. To resolve the issue. install an older version of the derby package by following the instructions below:
    1. Use CF admin or the cfpm utility tool to uninstall the default derby package.
    2. Download the attached derby jar and the bundlesdependency_custom.json file. Place the files in <cf_home>/bundles directory.
    3. Download the attached derby-combined-10.11.jar and place it in the<cf_home>/bundles/repo directory.
    4. Clear <cf_home>/cfusion/bin/felix-cache directory and restart ColdFusion.
    5. Install the derby package with version derby-2023.0.08.330668. Download the zip file (at the end of the document) and unzip to extract the jar file.
  • On macOS, before launching the ColdFusion installer, run "xattr -rc” command against the installer dmg.
  • On macOS, additional CF instances, created using ColdFusion enterprise manager, copies resources (certain directories and CF admin pages) are that not required in a child instance.
  • Silent installation of ColdFusion 2023 lockdown installer is presently not functional.
  • The CCS server does not run as a daemon.
  • If ColdFusion does not start after Sandbox is enabled, add the following JVM argument to the args list in <cf_home>/cfusion/bin/jvm.config: "-Djdk.lang.Process.allowAmbiguousCommands=true".
  • If using an AWS package based API results in a class-not-found error, delete the content of <cf_home>/cfusion/bin/felix-cache and restart ColdFusion.
  • Coldfusion 2023 Date functions on date value returned by a query (mySQL DB) throw an error. To resolve the error, add -Dcoldfusion.jdbc.mysql.datetime.str=true to java.args.



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