The error "This serial number is not for a qualifying product" typically occurs when you try to install the upgrade of an Adobe product on a new computer or new hard drive.

What is a qualifying product? Installing an upgrade of an Adobe product requires a qualifying previous product  a previous full version of the product that you bought and installed on your computer. If the previous version of the product exists on your computer, the upgrade starts automatically. If the upgrade installer can't find a previous version of the product on your computer, it asks you to enter the serial number of your previous product.

Problem: This serial number is not for a qualifying product

If you receive the error, “This serial number is not for a qualifying product. Please try another” when you enter a serial number in the Serial Number Upgrade screen, try the following solutions.

Serial Number Upgrade screen


Make sure that you're entering the correct serial number.

  1. Choose your old (previous) version of the product from the Product menu.

    Enter Serial Number
  2. Enter the serial number for your previous version of the product. Do not enter the serial number for the upgrade.


    Can't find your serial number? See Find your serial number.

    Enter only numeric serial numbers without hyphens. Do not enter alphabetic characters.

Make sure that you qualify for the upgrade.

The upgrade installer accepts only a valid serial number for a previous version of the same product. To verify that you purchased a valid upgrade, see the following documents:

Don't qualify for the upgrade?

If you do not qualify for the upgrade, you may be able to return the upgrade you purchased. See Return, cancel, or exchange an Adobe order.

Try another product and its serial number.

Select another product or version from the Product menu in the Serial Number Upgrade screen and enter its serial number.

Select a Product from the Product menu

Contact Adobe Customer Care for help unlocking your serial number.

If you can't resolve the issue, follow the steps below to contact us for help.

Important:  We can unlock your serial number after we first verify that you qualify for the upgrade. When you contact us, be at your computer to complete the following upgrade verification workflow.

  1. Register your product.

    You may be asked to sign in. Sign in with your Adobe ID.

  2. Go to the Contact us page, and then click the Still need help? Contact Us button.

    You may be asked to sign in. Sign in with your Adobe ID and associated password.

  3. You'll complete the next steps with an Adobe Customer Care member.

    Do one of the following in the Serial Number Upgrade screen:

    • Windows: Press Ctrl+Shift and then double-click.
    • Mac OS: Press Command+Shift and then double-click.

    The Upgrade Code window appears.

  4. Read the Challenge Code to the support staff member.

    Challenge Code
    Challenge Code
  5. Enter the Support Code (that Adobe Support provides) into the Support Code field, and then click Next.

Need help with Acrobat 9, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, or After Effects CS4?

These applications do not use the same verification methods that more-recent Adobe applications use. Search the Adobe Support website for documentation about those applications.

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