Known issues in this release

Known issues in this release of API Manager

Issue Workaround
On MacOS, installing API Manager on a 30-day trial produces the error message, "License File Doesn't Contain Any key". Start API Manager as a root user with trial option.
The API Manager installer accepts the license keys of ColdFusion Standard at install time.  
(SUSE) In case of API Manager configured with a Redis cluster, and you apply the update, it kills all the Redis cluster nodes.  
In IE 11 of Windows 10.1 or RHEL, the Administrator portal does not appear properly.  
In some cases, the API Manager uninstaller does not delete the bin folder. Even after uninstalling API Manager, the Analytics service continues running.  
In case of an external connector (IIS) over an API Manager cluster, due to an IIS limitation, the path to wsconfig cannot be more that 64 characters long. This is a known IIS limitation.
When stopping the ColdFusion server, you sometimes encounter a Null Pointer Exception.  
API Manager takes up virbr0: flags=4099<UP,BROADCAST,MULTICAST>( inet  netmask  broadcast ) IP for a node in cluster. Admin>Settings>General Server- Add the IP of the machine.
For policies, if you include different policy at resource/operation level than the one specified at API level, you need to manually uncheck it or delete it from resource/operation level policies page. If not, all the policies will get executed and since resource/operation level policy have higher precedence, API level policy will be executed last and its parameters will check the payload of the API sent.  
XMLNodes generated from a JSON array have the node name set to "arrayitem". This is not configurable. While parsing XML generated by the API Manager, expect arrayitem to stand for elements of an array.
In non-Windows platforms, uninstalling API Manager stops the Datastore and Analytics servers from other installations also.


In MacOS, when you install API Manager as a non-root user, you may encounter certain installation and licensing issues.

Install / uninstall API Manager with root privileges.

To install API Manager, enter sudo./

To uninstall API Manager, enter sudo ./Uninstall\\ APIManager

A subscribed user can be deleted without re-verification.  
Complete email address/contact number may not be visible for subscribed users in Publisher portal> Subscriptions  > Subscribed users.  
Try Out does not work by default for a SOAP proxy API that uses API key authentication. Manually add the api_key HTTP header to the Try Out request.
Submitting incorrect values for Redis cluster leads to a corrupted and inaccessible API Manager. Manually edit the <apim_root>/conf/config.xml and fix the XML elements in the Redis XML node.
If you create an IDP and then disable it, the organization login button doesn't work. It will throw an error instead of taking us to the page where we specify the domain name of the organization. Either clear the local storage of browser by going to developer options, or open the browser and press ctrl+shift+del and clear local storage.
On Windows, APIManager Add-on installation Analytics-Service and Datastore Services are not created if services with same name exist. Manually start the Datastore service from the command prompt.


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