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Lightroom Classic CC lets you merge multiple exposure-bracketed images into a single HDR image.

Lightroom Classic CC HDR photo merge
Images of the same objects at different exposure levels ("-1" and "+1" images)

  1. Cmd/Ctrl-click the images in Lightroom Classic CC to select them.
  2. Select Photo > Photo Merge > HDR. or press Ctrl+H.
  3. In the HDR Merge Preview dialog, deselect the Auto Align and Auto Tone options if necessary.

    Auto Tone: Provides a good starting point for an evenly-toned merged image
    Auto Align: Useful if the images being merged have slight movement from shot to shot. Enable this option if the images were shot using a handheld camera. Enabling this option may not be necessary if the images were shot using a tripod.

    You can preview the effects of these settings right within the dialog box.
Lightroom Classic CC HDR Merge Preview dialog
The HDR Merge Preview dialog

  1. Sometimes, after the exposure-bracketed images are merged, some areas in the HDR image may appear unnaturally semi-transparent. Select one of the following deghosting option in the HDR Merge Preview dialog box to correct these anomalies: None, Low, Medium, or High. Try Low deghosting first to obtain a clean merged image. Try higher settings if necessary.

    Low: Cures little or minor movement between frames
    Medium: Cures considerable movement between frames
    High: Cures high movement between frames

    You can preview the effect of these settings right within the dialog box. If necessary, choose to view the deghost overlay.

  2. Click Merge to create the HDR image (.dng). Lightroom Classic CC creates the image and displays it in your catalog.

Video: Capture high-contrast scenes with HDR merge

Video: Capture high-contrast scenes with HDR merge
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